Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shopping 1,!

Flo and I went shopping today. Ostensibly we were buying a few books and getting some "furry prawn" sushi...but we ended up stopping for "a snack", a pair of ill-fitting "pink cloppy shoes", some other things, and a bratwurst in a roll...Then we came home.


We were there early enough for ALL the oddballs: crutch-man, cowboy-hat-dude and even sleeping-homeless woman! a heartless, sushi vs shoewear showdown...

Then we spent the afternoon rockin out on some trikes!

Monday, December 07, 2009


ZOMG!! Twitter is down....where can I rant?!?!!!11!!one

Sunday, December 06, 2009


Today Ian and I took the kids to the heinously expensive Blue Reef Aquarium that opened a few weeks ago in place of the old "Wild Walk"....I say it was heinous, but to be honest I thought it was brilliant, though typically the girls weren't as impressed...well not all the time.

Still, I found it a thoroughly entertaining way to spend a good 2-3 hours, and the best bit was watching Flo interact with the 3D IMAX film about whales and dolphins and that....reaching out to stroke them, recoiling from huge whale flippers and trying to catch pieces of floating seaweed. It was awesome.

Esmae took her 3D glasses off because it was too scary.

All of Ian's pictures are bound to be better.

Testing the "rock" ;-)

In other news, my brother just asked (via email, because he's either in Sumatra, Russia, or (last I heard from him South Korea (for a day!))) if I thought a 1.4GHz laptop processor was slow/crap....the 1st 'laptop' I ever had (15 years ago) had an ~50 MEGA HERTZ processor!!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

guh guh guh GEEK!

I've been running an extreme beta of Google's Chromium OS on my Acer Aspire One [aao] for the last day or two, and I have to say apart from a few niggles it's actually pretty decent...

You see, I bought this netbook for 3 reasons: web stuff while sat on the sofa, light tinkering with USB connected things (arduino, beagle, etc) and light media stuff...It's been great at all of these things, except the arduino thing since the upgrade to Ubuntu Karmic (of course, I have workarounds)...but...The main thing I use it for is web stuff...for this, Chromium seems ideal!

Booting off a 4Gb USB drive takes about 10 seconds, time to desktop is about 3 more...The Atheros wifi worked OOB (Broadcom doesn't apparently), it's uber simple (a chromium start page and time/date, network manager, power indicator and options icons up top)...annoyingly it's set my keyboard layout to US, has Hulu & Pandora (only work in US) on the home page and no way to customise that page...but I've not really gone under-the-hood yet....that's what I'm about to do....

Anyway. The current plan is to partition the SSD into 2 4gigish partitions, stick this on one and rethink my linux install on the other....hmmm.

Oh yea, didn't get killed by piglung....all is cool...

[EDIT] Oh yeah...HIBERNATE WORKED OOB!!! This is a new one on me!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Yeah. Not so cool...turns out it is H1N1...

It's like having human flu but the gubmint say I shouldn't leave the house. So Rosie (and Flo) very kindly picked up some drugs for me, viz:

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Typhoid Mary

Despite a head full of snot and a throat full of barbed wire I had a considerable amount of fun today.

Once Flo had it in her head that I wasn't speaking all that often, she pretty much entertained herself for the morning...doing jigsaws, pretending to be a cake seller to "The Silent Prince" (my crowning role), and taking turns using the laser pointer to annoy Moshi. We almost didn't notice the rain.

After lunch we headed off for Esmae's party where I adopted the role of Science Professor and the assorted kids made various machines, models and other contrivances....I should have taken photographs (I will next time I do it), but here's a small highlight of what was constructed with apologies where I've forgotten names:

  • A bird like structure complete with eyes, beak, teeth, arms, hat and antenna [Felix? Small, sweet boy. Maybe his name began with R]
  • A brainwave detection device which could tell what someone was thinking (yay for a microphone glued to a wire then to some headphones!)...which doubled as a Karaoke machine [DeeDee...not the Ramone...but she was punk, that's for sure. Awesome!]
  • A Hamster Run (2 flashing RGB LEDs glued to some circuit boards attached by wire, and a plastic box) [Also DeeDee]
  • A rocket [Flo]
  • A robot brain. This was a truly awesome mini construction, with a big switch a flashing flight and a weird arrangement of magnets and wires... [Isaac]
  • "A real computer" (broken graphics card with a button and a light attached [Gracie & Flo]
  • An MP3 player (a mobile glued to a headset, and an RGB LED) [Mathew]
  • A robot in a jacuzzi (various resistors, caps, etc wired together into a doll, in a plastic bowl) [Scarlet]
There were a few other things, but my nose is running on the keyboard now....hang on a sec...

Anyway, it was great! I always forget how creative kids can be when you say "here's a load of stuff, let's make something"....some of them have a problem not being told what to make, but eventually they all get really into it.

If only I had 4 pairs of hands, and 3 glue guns (thanks for the loan Rosie!)...Not sure Esmae was impressed with the book of greek & roman myths I got her this year as she was with the netbook last year ;-)

Was too fucked to carry the 6 boxes of bits back, so am now horizontal on the sofa in front of the fire hoping I this isn't manbirdpig flu and that whatever it is it fucks off soon...before Wednesday anyway.

Monday, November 16, 2009


I appear to have a small, very annoying, ulcer just on the inside of my top lip...On the other hand The Annoybours (tm) took in a parcel that turned out to be the NatGeo Dinosaur Encyclomapedia thing I ordered for an as yet undesignated recipient, and announced they are moving!!

They said they're having problems with "the toilet".

We all know the real reason...Moshi loves metal!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Everybody needs good neighbours....with a little understanding, you can find the perfect plaaannn!!!!

I found the perfect fucking plan!

Some of you may know that my neighbour can be seriously annoying. I think the clincher is the fact that one of them screams like a girl when he's arguing, and they argue a lot....anyway:

Over the weekend and on Monday night there appeared to be some kind of screaming/swearing match going on every couple of hours. I think it was something to do with a game on the PS3 because intermittently there were the screams, cries and stuttering gunfire of war (and no cops turned up outside)...all at stupid hours....mostly during the night.

This really harshed my work day out, so I decided to have some fun while I was out of the house and they were presumably sleeping off their slanging match.

Before I left for work in the morning, with very bleary eyes, I accidentally turned the amp on and slipped while turning the volume...Apparently I mistakenly set the volume to 8*.

I spent the day occasionally connecting to the media machine and making it play music I thought they might appreciate: Nirvana, Living Colour, Rage Against The Machine, Aphex Twin, Goto80, (1 song on repeat for 2 hours :)....AC/DC...Sabbat!

They left me an awesome note.

I blamed the cat.

* I never put it to 8. 7 makes the windows rattle upstairs....4 is for rockin' it up...3 more usual

Sunday, November 08, 2009


I spent the day cycling in the rain, sorting computers out, eating chicken, drinking guiness and lazing on

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A blog you say?

Novel idea...been ages since I posted. Soz.

I've been busy, and to be honest nothing of any major importance has happened...except I've found a new improved method of annoying/entertaining Moshi, viz:

The other reason I've not been posting is that I've been on a bit of a mission sorting out free recycled computers for a few people, planning my FOSS assault on "Buy Nothing Day" and upgrading the home network, about which I'll have a geek-out post soon (promise).

Sunday, October 18, 2009

You say hello

I wave bye bye...

It has been an odd week. I felt a bit "not guri" on Wednesday (which I put down to poor blood sugar) but having rushed back to pick up Flo, cook dinner &c, I eventually spent the evening throwing up and attempting to go to bed at 8pm...[draws veil]

Thursday was much the same, though I spent a very strange ~10 hours lucid dreaming/hallucinating while twitching and sweating in bed....Friday I felt like someone had driven through me with a truck, but managed to hold it together enough to look after Flo eventually.

We spent Saturday doing our usual thing (alien tree hunt, cafe for cake, playground, park, trampoline) and observed an afternoon-long kinda fight thing between Moshi and "Tabby" (a decidedly un-tabby cat recently arrived, that believes it has rights on Moshi's yard, food & bed....Flo named him...though he is sometimes called "Sparkles", depending on her mood). Seriously, we came back from the park and he was asleep in Flo's bed while Moshi sat on the window sill and watched him! He'd already eaten her leftover breakfast....stupid cat!

Dancin' to the dub while we await CAKE!

"Look dad, I am a picture!"

Communing with the cats

I lunched-out my Saturday night (thanks, illness) and slept another 10 hours...Flo, Es, Ian and I did the "standard Sunday" today: Boston Tea Party for breakfast (number 2), Ashton Court (as opposed to Blaise Castle), Ice-Cream, more Ashton Court, my house...wherein I made coffee for adults, frozen banana pancakes for children and hilarity, newspapers, ipods, chumby & some shouting ensued.

Esmae is rowing the "boat" to America....

Now. If you will excuse me, I'll go back to my two current books: one apparently about unicorns and ninjas & the other about the fuckin fuck word you fucks!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Just did that Freeskilling thing about FOSS/Linux. It went very well...


...the 1st thing (apart from "Hello") said to me was "I saw you in purple spandex and green y-fronts the other week...dancing like a loon".

This may be my legacy.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Show n Tell

I'm doing one of these here Freeskilling things tomorrow evening.

I'm really looking forward to it, but hoping it doesn't just turn into me ranting about closed/pay software (OK, I'll say it....MICROSOFT & APPLE), where Linux/FOSS lets us down (because it does in places)...I have some (hopefully) cool shit to show off and for people to use though:

  • Chumby (FOSS/OSH, not got wifi in locale so showing "local" widgets + Quake)
  • BeagleBoard (FOSS/OSH, just to show as no HDMI output)
  • Neo1973 (FOSS/OSH, boots to screen of doom thanks to me)
  • Sony Vaio found through "justfortheloveofit", booting FOSS 'live'
  • Acer Aspire 1 booting Moblin2 (lame, i reckon) + my own Ubuntu + Kuki
  • Lenovo C100, the laptop that will not go away. Is now running Jaunty with all the requisite plugins for browsers & music, etc ready to donate to someone.
A very welcome email from Tom G has prompted some extra software checkin'...I'd forgotten Gloobus for you Gnome peeps...

And FYI I have ~3 desktop PCs (no monitors) if anyone wants them....what is it about monitors?

Careers Day

Flo was off on one of her verbal diarrhea diatribes on Saturday evening...I couldn't get the video recorded fast enough to catch the beginning, but it began along the lines of "When I am bigger I am going to be a..."

Mr Oughton, this one's for you!

Just sayin' ;-)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Some of you deserve this!

It's not all autofellatio you know!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


oh shit...fuck this post!

I just remembered I can apparently run Doom on Chumby! Need to look into various FLV transcoders and I would LOVE to get BBC iplayer chumby widget!


EDIT: Got Quake running on the Chumby last night :D


Friday night's Microrave at Carnyville was mind-blowing, as soon as Jen manages to get me some of her photos I'll post 'em.

It rocked!


"Look at my chocolate beard dad!"

Speaking of savages, I spent Sunday with both kids (and Ian) and then they both stayed Sunday night...I was on the verge of collapse by the end of the day, but luckily I had yesterday as I surprised Flo by picking her up after nursery and we spent a lovely afternoon messing around with my new chumby and the ipod while we listened to TMBG (again!).

I managed to convince Flo to at least put some trousers on for dinner.

But it didn't last long...

Oh, and here's my entry for "You've Been Framed".....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tasting Death

I had sushi and/or sashimi for breakfast, lunch and dinner today.

My stomach is currently making hilarious gurgling noises...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Inexplicable Joy

Something I feared would go terribly wrong today went 99% right, and that was before 10am! It has almost literally blown my mind! In my worst imaginings it's been like some kind of sci-fi "self-aware nanobots infecting your system" scenario (very Alastair Reynolds!)...but turns out, it worked!

Loads of other stuff is still fucked though...And I really need to fluff-out and prettify my "Duh-du-Duuuh 2010 Ideas!" thing tomorrow...I shall unplug everything except that document, my eyes, and my ipod. I will...I will...

Took Mosh for her checkup...all is well...came back to catch the "new little dude" cat eating her food...she later had a fight with "aggressive annoying cat" (aka 'Cheeky')...but it's nice to know there's a whole feline ecosystem going on...

On the way home (past Flo's "school") the teacher was putting up their contribution to the St Werburghs Art Trail...I stopped for a chat:

[blah, blah, pleasantries]
Teach: we got them to do self-portraits...
Me: Hey, is Flo on there?
Teach: Oh. Yeah...she's next to her friend 'A'. Here...they got to...choose their...own..."look"...
Me: That's the best picture ever!
Teach: She wanted to have a big red nose apparently.

My "art" project got rejected a year ago....Flo wins by default!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tigermilk vs Science

If I let Flo listen to TMBG it is officially morning, but if (as she just requested) I put a bit of Belle & Sebastian on she almost immediately goes to sleep.

She's right!

The new TMBG album seriously fucking rocks! And B&S are boring as fuck....but whatever!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Guri 2 : Fuckheads 0

So. I cheered twice today. I literally shouted "Hooray" involuntarily on 2 occasions...

Remember the really sweary post from Friday? Well, guess what happened today? Well...

The agency sent someone round to look at the freezer. Yep, it is broken! But, they accepted my argument that rather than go through the long-winded process of me asking them to ask the landlord to get a new one (and the commensurate weeks without a freezer) I could by my own (probably better quality) and they'd amend the inventory.


Also, the fucktard that wouldn't increase my timeout? Seems that if I threaten to use a different proxy service, they can suddenly increase the timeout!! Who'd a thunk it?

On the minus side whatever the fuck was stuck under my P key of my AAO is now stuck under the O key...but that's just another reason for me to buy an Eee Keyboard PC when they come out next month. Which I'd be getting anyway because it will become the HTPC for the front room (streaming media off the NAS to the TV using it's wireless HDMI (how fucking cool is that)) so the Mini can replace TehBehemoth server...and TehBehemoth can go into the PC Recycling project stream....the upshot of which is my electricity bills should go down (not that there mental or anything).

This means "the gurinet" will get a general overhaul and should then be:

  • Linksys WRT54G running DD-WRT (Firewall, VPN, Routing, etc)
  • with 2TB NAS
  • Mac Mini running Ubuntu 9.04 running Asterisk (I'm experimenting with this), Motion (Home Security), some 'bots, "internal" webserver and anoth 1TB of NAS
  • AAO running uBen2 (this is my custom built linux distro based on Ubuntu with tweaks from Kuki plus a few nifty things of my own**)
  • Eee Keyboard hopefully running Moblin, but if necessary Windows 7***


* Except they'll probably not update the inventory and then there will be a massive argument when (someday) I move out.
** More on this in another post I think
*** I'm no fan of Microsoft, it's true, but I do kinda like Win7 despite myself...

Monday, September 21, 2009


It was like summer this weekend!


Flo and I went for a lovely walk through her kingdom in the morning and spent the afternoon messing around in the garden. She wore a summer dress....and I wore shorts and a t-shirt!

Making "lunch" with her new apron on

I made her a "laser gun" (CR2032 + RGB Flash LED == Laser Gun) here she is returning it to me for "safety, so Mushka can't kill you" her kingdom.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The F Word

Fucking fucking fucketty fuck!!!

  • Freezer (just recently fully stocked) is on the fritz. I have to make either 1ton of minced beef based recipe food, loads of fishcakes, a pizza* and all the other frozen shit in the next 24 hours and then find a way to freeze that or suffer the consequences! Fuck.
  • Boiler is having it's annual "you want hot water? wait, what?" thing whereby one must stand next to the hot-tap and/or boiler and ride it like a bucking bronco. Agency still insist that it works...Haven't even tried the central heating yet. Ho-de-fucking-Ho!!
  • Some fuckhead in France is making me look like an idiot in front of a bunch of eastern europeans (and my colleagues). Fucker!
  • I just fucking realised I missed IGTWTCITN.
  • Fucking hell! AAAAAAAAAAggggggggggggghhhh!!

Well, fuck me rigid. While typing the penultimate bullet point the freezer decided to suddenly start working. Thank fuck!

However my P-key** now appears to only work if stabbed with full force.

Hullo fuck.***


*Not so difficult, I realise
**This is not a euphemism. I think I have a small piece of detritus under the key...Perhaps it is a sign for me to buy the EEEEEEEeeeeeeeeEEeeEeeeeEEee Keyboard PC!
***Do you know how many hits are generated by me swearing on this blog? Referring to my cat as a pussy also helps...and so do the words "angry" and "ginger" for some reason.***
****My new goal is to get be the top hitter for "angry ginger pussy fucking" instead of "are gingers always angry?" and "how to do autofellatio", "help me, i am ginger" or "ginger lion pussy"*****
*****Which is what I get at the moment!******
******Must think of better way of adding footnotes....or indeed, reconsider writing style!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nao tHaTz wut i caLL Noiz!!

I did not expect the volume...nor the dirty dirty noisez.

But I love them!

Perhaps the BadderFly(tm) will come to the bitpit!

Awesome Rosie is making a Unitard modification for me. I found my superpants of choice (and they rock!)...I have the superboots, which just need a little tweak and The Hands of Zarg/Roboto! I shall source a power bag this weekend...all that remains are "The Gems of 0x2F" (well some RGB LEDs)...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Painting By Numbers

Flo and I did some painting this morning...check it out

It started out quite simply...

But then leopard spots were added...

And then "claws covered in blood from where I killed a baby animal"...

And here we (well, I did) learn an abject lesson in paying attention...

Saturday, September 12, 2009


So. Ian and I finally got round to taking the girls to Cotswold Wildlife Park after saying we would do so for almost a year...couldn't have picked a better day for the weather, and despite my google based insistence that we basically "go to Winsworth (or something) and turn left" [turns out you can't really base a car journey on those kind of directions], we got there OK.

Apparently, Esmae was underwhelmed by it all but they certainly enjoyed it at the time. Flo insists that all Lemurs are called "King Julians", Es apparently knows "all the birds there are, so these just look a bit different"....Ian and I know that if you can stand the whining then Ice Cream promises are worth it in the end.

Here's some pictorial evidence...Pics or GTFO!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Wordle: Angry Ginger

Using Wordle!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Blapathy II : Revenge of The Things To Do! 2

Yeah, so. I have this blog, like, yeah? Where I write stuff like all the time, yeah? And I'm kinda religious about it, know what I mean? Not, Religious religious, like, regular religious?...Yeah, like ONCE A MONTH!! Like church, or... "The Visitor" or some shit, yeah?

Woah! Sorry about that, regression...terrible thing.

So. I haven't blogged for a while. Sorry about that.

Work's been busy. I've also been running round like a loon trying to solve some particularly tricky PC hardware issues for a freeconomist (and a new one tomorrow evening), reading a whole big bag of awesome new books and planning for the winter!*

Flo and I went down to Devon for her Birthday last weekend (favourite quote [day after her birthday]: "Dad? If it's not my birthday today, why are people still giving me presents?"). We had a brilliant weekend: "Hi Ma, Hi is your grandaughter...I'll be reading my book in your comfiest chairs..."....Also, Rosemoor is almost as good as I remember the RSPB** when I were't'lad.

Also, MicroRave! I've been working on some lowly lo-fi hi-fi portable musical performance...I may well post up a mix for criticism next week (ha!)...Final plans for Level4 costume are crystalising also...I was going to list some spoilers but I may have to let the pictures speak for themselves! Let's just say it features spandex, a "cup", y-fronts and some moon boots. I got talked out of the adult nappy concept (quite easily, as it happens), but I do need a cape I think.

Stay tuned for the next exciting installment of...MEH!

Off to see either puppies or horses, I forget which...note this dress was the only thing she would wear for 3 days straight...same goes for Granny Jan's outfit. ;-)

*£100 worth of logs being delivered Friday morning...gotta shift (and find storage for) those suckers, cos they'll just get half-inched from the front...I'm pretty certain it's a case of:
Log dude: Here you go mate, one giant fucking back of logs, just drop 'em here in the road shall I? Right...see ya!
Me: FFFFUUUUUUUUU...........

** I truly, truly loved walking the trails...and the arguments over which colours indicated the short or long way...

Thursday, September 03, 2009



Just let that number sink in a moment....4...Four...Fffooooooorrrrr....It's a pretty small number, right? Nothing like, oooh say 35, or even 25, 10, 7...or Planck's Constant (which is a cool number....well mexico!)...Nope. 4.


So, yeah. Flo's 4 tomorrow. 4 years of shaky part-time parental skills on my part and she's still here*....and consistently more amazing than I'd ever dreamed she'd be! There seems to be some kind of logarithmic scale between the time she's been in my life and the joy and wonder (and LOVE) she brings.

I'm writing her a letter...It's too fucking good for you to read it!

That is all.

* My own abilities are obviously foreshadowed by her mum's...I'd be a fucking lunatic by now...wait....what?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Small things...

...small minds...This is how I amuse myself....

This needs music on top...Anyone know a simple 3GP video editor for linux?*

*Yes, I know I should know one, but I don't...I want to be able to quickly stick mp3 over the top of a 3gp video**

**Yes, I know....somewhere in ffmpeg lie the needed switches....where?...I should know this...sue me***

***Do not. pls. kthnxbai!

Monday, August 31, 2009

No Quiero Tequila!

I have no words...probably because I just cycled to Clifton via Easton and back...nothing to do with falling down some stairs and fending off "the youth of today"...maybe more about that another day....

30 seconds after entering the house after a week away...
...5 seconds after that...
Gotta love the ginger eyebrows!
"Up here dad!"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rumours of my demise...

...are just that. Rumours.

Unless you follow me on twitcock or facebunch you may not know that Moshi was found. On Friday. In my nearest neighbour's "shed" (basically an outdoor wardrobe).

That cat owes me so much printer ink and a fuckton of handcramp from cutting out the ~1000 fliers I didn't use!

On the other hand, I have been running round like a loon for the past week or so. And will continue to do so for the rest of August, I fear....did you know France (yes, all of it) basically goes on holiday during August? I do...fuckers! I've also managed to revert to my studentesque style of procrastination with a "paper" I have to know that "well, I've got 4 pages of notes. now to type it into 14 pages of awesome...oh look, [insert anything here and a 2 hour lack of focus]" feeling?



Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Moshi is MIA. Still!

Last time I saw her was Monday evening when I got back from work, after she'd had the minor "episode" at the weekend (see previous post). Another cat, Gilbert, has gone missing from the next street along...Have they eloped? Been catnapped? Is she trapped somewhere?*

I flyered my own and the 2 next streets this evening, but I wildly underestimated the number of flyers even though I thought 100 would be enough. It's crowded round here man, so many houses!

I learnt something though. I would fucking hate being a postman!

...No sign of multicoloured roadkill either (I went out on The Steed and checked)


Where am I?

*OMG! I just thought...she does like going into Rosie's house; they went camping on Tuesday morning...this is paranoiac, 2+2=5 nonsense (or is it?)...maybe she is trapped in Rosie's house! Trapped...hungry & thirsty (I'm sure she can survive ~2 days, they're back tomorrow!)...and...lonely...and...oh, yeah shitting and pissing all over the place!

** I'm only saying that because despite her being, well, let's face it, just. a. cat....I love her, despite myself and I am unwittingly stressing out!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Oh, Hi! I'd forgotten about you, had you forgotten about me?

What the fuck is up with the local feline population? Moshi had one of her episodes* Friday evening and then wasn't to be seen until magically appearing fast asleep on a soft toy** in Flo's room at lunchtime, where she stayed until this morning. She's MIA again since, and so, apparently, is another local cat***.

Stupid cats.

Nothing interesting has happened other than:

  • Attempting to electrocute myself with a Gauntlet arcade machine
  • Cars attempting to kill me despite riding a silent, black bicycle - invisible to the naked eye
  • Gluing things together to make weapons or masks
  • Writing about things I want to do next year
  • Reading Joe Haldeman (Forever War is now in my Top10!)...he's fucking ACE!
  • Flo and I spending a morning hunting alien trees, playing farms (with dinosaurs!), eating banana bread & freshly ripe pears...and visiting "the princess kingdom"****
Scratch all that. Cat's turned up squeaking like only a cat that vanished and is now missing it's dinner, which is right in her face (!!), can. And seemingly chewing on her own hind leg....Do cats taste like chicken?

Stupid cats.

* She does some kind of figure-8 round the garden, then round the kitchen, up the stairs, behind Flo's bed and back again.
** "The Constantly Deflated Hedgehog"...her fave, apart from "Basic Flo Bed" option.
*** "Gilbert" has been missing since 08/08. 12 year old, black & white male. Pink collar & name tag.
**** The Princess/Mermaid/Ben10/Cat/Dog/Prince/EvilQueen/Robot/Zombie/Pirate kingdom can apply to any space at any time....usually when you are nearing a space of, as yet undefined by Flo, co-ordinates....sometimes extending into the Z-plane!

Monday, August 03, 2009


I have to pass on huge props to Jen, Rose, Laurie, Logs & the MicroRave crew in general for a truly mind-blowing time....I was too busy enjoying it to take photos and a giant cardboard box on your head does not lend itself to using a camera (unless I build one into the next version!)...I give you my 500th post and "Doctor Roboto visits The Bit Pit!"

S'dat You?

See what I did there?

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Odo = 38.6 Miles in 5 days. Longest Trip = 15 Miles. Max Speed in trip = 27.1 mph.

Grazes = 3. Cars annoyed = 40. Annoying cars = 35. MTBs overtaken = 8.

Fear of inbox = 100%.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I, Parent

Apart from the 3 day sojourn to Devon, where M&D helped out, it's been me & Flo against the world rain for the past week.

We did a lot, but here's some highlights.

Playmobil: Pirates vs Horses (and ubiquitous Fairy)

We went to look at the stream at the bottom of the lane...apparently it's now a lake (as are the fields either side of the road..."it's a beach!", Flo declared)

This here is the infamous "Leopard Cake". Sure, it might look like a shop bought, white, cat cake with added spots (by Grandad & Flo) but I can assure you, this is a leopard cake. I told Flo we'd have a cake when she was 1 metre tall. She is 1 metre tall. She wanted a leopard.


Moar Yella....and proof it didn't always rain.

Uncle Joe provided an iconic t-shirt for Flo and awesome nehru type hippy shirt for me!

Flo was so excited to get into the wetsuit and in the water that nobody noticed it was on backwards...

And then we came home and fished for rubbish in the park....

and RAN!

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