Wednesday, December 02, 2009

guh guh guh GEEK!

I've been running an extreme beta of Google's Chromium OS on my Acer Aspire One [aao] for the last day or two, and I have to say apart from a few niggles it's actually pretty decent...

You see, I bought this netbook for 3 reasons: web stuff while sat on the sofa, light tinkering with USB connected things (arduino, beagle, etc) and light media stuff...It's been great at all of these things, except the arduino thing since the upgrade to Ubuntu Karmic (of course, I have workarounds)...but...The main thing I use it for is web stuff...for this, Chromium seems ideal!

Booting off a 4Gb USB drive takes about 10 seconds, time to desktop is about 3 more...The Atheros wifi worked OOB (Broadcom doesn't apparently), it's uber simple (a chromium start page and time/date, network manager, power indicator and options icons up top)...annoyingly it's set my keyboard layout to US, has Hulu & Pandora (only work in US) on the home page and no way to customise that page...but I've not really gone under-the-hood yet....that's what I'm about to do....

Anyway. The current plan is to partition the SSD into 2 4gigish partitions, stick this on one and rethink my linux install on the other....hmmm.

Oh yea, didn't get killed by piglung....all is cool...

[EDIT] Oh yeah...HIBERNATE WORKED OOB!!! This is a new one on me!

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