Thursday, November 30, 2006


Been a while since I posted...and the one pic of Lil I got last night isn't so hot.

I'll definitely do an update on Monday after The Bro and His Lady come down. Flo still has a cold by the way...and now so do I.

I, however can blow my own nose!

Oh, and you know they say that there are only 6 degrees of separation between you and everyone else on the planet (not that I really believe that)? Well, beat this:

Me on Random Date (could not be more random if I tried): "So I have a 15 month old daughter called Flo..."
The Date: "Errr, does she have a sister called Esmae? And her mum's name is Rosie?"
Me: "*** ******* ****! Yes!"
Date: "Oh my housemate went out with Rosie last week"

That's 2 degrees people!


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sun Day

Goats ate my Buggy!

Flo manipulating the goat via the power of horns & feet

FYI: Sun has been shining all day!

We've been out and about...I am now knackered (Flo's having a nap)...hopefully I will be able to stay awake for tonights 'event'.


Today Flo ate: Daddy's Patent Puddo Rice, Toast, Couscous & Falafels with an onion & mushroom gravy...and in between....Animal Biscuits...lots of Animal Biscuits!

She didn't sleep so well last night as she's getting a bit of a cold. A bit bunged up and very snory (is that a word?) last night...which meant I didn't sleep too well either...However, we both maxxed out on the morning nap...and still managed to fit in: Soft Play, The Swings, The Farm and a visit to BFC which is now open on a Sunday (yay)....and has a fine looking Café thing going on.

Flo solves the 'how do I carry things but leave my hands free for biscuits' conundrum!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hide & Seek : Part The Second

Oh, OK then, you can have some more photos....these are from this evening.

There's no need for t'hat...she likes wearing them...indoors...when there's no need.

Same hat...different angle...for the hat (she put it on this time) and the camera (I was getting Arty)

One day I'll get one of these 'Father & Chile' shots right...or pay there's a thought!

Hide & Seek

Quick picture post as I may not have time to post on Sunday night....of which, maybe more next week.

However, I might try and post some more Flo pics tomorrow during naptime...we shall see.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Zeit Christ!

Many of you (all 4 or 5 of you) will know that I'm a bit of a geek. I've been wanting to do some techie posts recently, but wasn't sure if the Solar Butterfly, Bumblebot, Taggies, Roller Bot (lucky I crashed my minicopter!) or the various largely pointless plans I have for my much-loved magnets would interest you. Nor would you (probably) be interested in my thoughts on the insignificance of the Human Race given the grander spectacle of the Cosmos and our peculiar inability to live with the environment rather than behave like a culture of adolescents...

Proportional Forest Loss

Anyway, I digress. The point of this post is to introduce a (possibly) regular series of posts sharing some of the cool/geeky things I have stumbled upon may have seen may not.

I'm sure I'll rant occasionally too.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Teh Chile can spot an Aircraft from miles away...even before you can hear the engines!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?'s a CopChopper 4000!

Half the time I have to look round to see why she is pointing to the sky and shouting either 'chachaah' or 'ehaine' (helicopter and aeroplane respectively)...needless to say that she can differentiate between the two (usually). Though sometimes, depending on the type of pointing and the style of shouting (usually 'Mmm-Mm-MMMM') this may mean she wants food/water/toys.

Why does the Helicopter always circle our neighbourhood Daddy?

Here we are looking at 'naughty boys' taunting the goats....I tried to look stern! But in the back of my mind I was thinking, 'I was that disgusting child'...not Flo though, she just wanted a goat!


That is toasted Nori seaweed she's eating...admittedly the second bit got spat out...but still! I f****** hate it!

Due to the Belgo trip I picked her up on Saturday at 1:30. Had big cuddles and played 'Crab'. Bumbled around and then ate a Tuna Pasta & Sweetcorn affair. Danced, bathed and went to bed.

This morning I was (oh noes) woken at 4:30! But a bottle and a cuddle with me in bed ensured a lie in until 8ish...I love the way she tries to spoon herself between my chin (which must touch the top of her head) and my legs...I feel like a foetus snuggling a foetus. She snores.

Daddy's patented breakfast: Porridge (Oat Groats & Thai Sweet Rice boiled slowly with Cashews), Toast with Blueberry spread! Raisins...

It's all about the Blueberries....she does have to eat her Porridge first!

Laughed myself to death at her blueberry face...Played a bit. Went to the park. She went back to bed for an hour...I cleaned jam off everything.

Lunch: Chunky Veg Soup with Spaghetti 'bits' (Onion, Courgette, Celery, Red Pepper, Carrot, Swede, Mushroom, Squash, Beans, Garlic & Ginger and a bit of Cumin (for the winter) + snapped up bits of spaghetti).

Went to the supermarket (bumped into Baboo with Es & Io), the Farm, the Caff, the Playground, the Park....played...chased each other round the flat with harmonicas (she now moves up and down the scale and breathes in and out...she could be a great Blues harpist!). Snoozed (well, she lay in a darkened room shouting to herself wth a bottle of milk and a fluffy cat) for 30 mins while I read some more Carl Sagan.

Danced...Played Hide & Seek. Played 'Crab'...and home to Mama.


Is it me or does she bear an uncanny likeness to yours truly?

By the way: Brussels is mucho betterer than Paris...any country where everyone speaks at least 2 languages by default is way cool with me. Especially when one of them just sounds like Chaucerian english with a Hoopdegooder accent....Plus they have
lots of very nice beer!

I have trashed your flat and what are you gonna do about it?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy Birthday John!

Hope you had good drinks in The Apple...I fancied some cider too...Can I link to 'bucky blog'?

Don't think I have any exciting new photos to display, nor much of interest to talk about other than how much I love being Lil's Dad, Mum & Dad's Son, and Joe's Brother!

If you want me to waffle on about projects at work stumbling forwards§, forever being tripped by the sneaky roots of beauraucracy in the haunted wood of the Giant Cave of Machines, aka GCOM (nothing like the real acronym). OK, I'll share this with you, it is entirely possible for me to receive an email with a subject line something like this: "PROJ1_ITS_Rx_SubjectOfIndeterminateLengthAndVaryingReadability_vX-X_YYYYMMDD"

...often with a nice "RE: RE: FW: TR: Mise á Jour : RE: FW: Was 'Simple Request' at the beginning.
§ Today was good though; I can actually see Teh System working (I think) using Internets! In!

Am off to Belgo tomorrow (Aitch actually got confused with a restaurant of the same name..duuuuh!) on some crazy jaunt (not organised by me) to demonstrate part of Teh System which I am not (shall we say) 100% au fait with. Natch I will blag it....Especially after an evening of Moules et Frites and some Trappist ales
±Linked for the Michael Jackson thing....But this beer/beard guy looks like a nice Michael Jackson! :-)

Am on holiday on Friday, whoop!...doing some tentative house-seeking also...then drinks with JP!


See where I'm going there...with the whole 'Belgian' & 'Waffle' thing?....thought not.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


I just don't seem to have the energy right now...

Watched some football and some rugby today...Wales won!..Hammers lost.

Yet another hard day in the office for Ye Berber!

Fed Child some beans, brocolli, toasted wheat protein....Beans on Toast with Brocolli on the side.

She knows where the raisins are at!

Bathed. Danced. Sucked a toothbrush. Bed.

I watched Battlestar Galactica and am now trying to sort out my WiFi on the Daptop and thinking of bed....

Sccrreeenns....and wood...and a huge plastic pile of stuff...

I was going to take a photo of Sleeping Chile, but she was so toasty and comfy, and fearing she would wake, you will have to suffer without the Byooty I am blessed with!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

**** Up!

Yesterday was a complete gnorls, I do not care how that is spelt. Or spelled.

This morning went so smoothly until I turned off the Bathroom light, which caused the 'newly fixed' fire alarm to go 6:30 am. 2 months now I have been chasing that to be fixed...I sensed a bad smell in the air...It was the day. It was dark.

I had been awake for 20 minutes.

No further details need be mentioned here apart from:

1 Women are joke. All of them.
2 Why would you order servers without including all the necessary cables?
3 Leaving work early doesn't mean you get home early...

Then...then...I got Flo.

Then...None of it mattered. None of it...

PPpppffFFFFttTTTtt!!! Want some bubbles daddy?

You betcha! (woah...check out the locks!§)

We have had a great time, albeit for an hour or so...until tomorrow...

*shakes fist*

§ Also (and this is really beginning to hack me off) more than one person in the last week has said that I looked like Teh Jezus. One apparently did a double-take...On the plus side, I am now thinking of using this to my advantage when I next meet they godbotherers in town...When they start shouting about Jezus I shall emerge from Teh Phonebox and denounce them as Sinners before Feynman, Sagan, Russell and all humans on the planet!*

Monday, November 06, 2006


Not even my Chile and I find myself smiling & laughing along...
That is all!...Bling....blong!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Strange, innit?

Life. Funny ol' game.

Rosie and I were just discussing the fact that we are both 'old'. She went out last night and 'it was full of kids', realised that, 'at 7am it's not cool to still be up when you had a shit night anyway'...and I went to a folk gig in a floating village hall and had a great time the other night...and I bought some slippers today...and a hat with 'earwarmers'...on purpose!

Anyway. Yet another wonderful day with Teh Byootifarl Chile...can't be arsed to write much more, so you'll just get some captions :-)

I mean, I've been posting loads off to Paris on Tuesday and trés trés busy tomorrow, so you might not get any more out of me this week.

I turn my back for 5 minutes (hey, everybody poops!).....

Super-Lil!....superflo sounds too much like a toilet maker (hey, everybody poops....)

Now, what could that be up there...

Flo trying to decide if she likes eating raisins...or is it Pavement....she likes Pavement..attagirl!

Yes it is wrong, but my desire for the Borat movie and my utter hatred of cinemas has forced me to download it....Mmmm, sausage & mash for tea...a pint or 2 of the

Big shout going out to: Teh Ricola Symbiote, DJ Nick The Knife, and of course, never forgetting (that's right Bucky, NEVAR, EVAR forgetting) the one like: Battersea Power Station!

A perfect sunset for a perfect day!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner


'Mazing night out last night! Nice to see Pants...and then a fantastically rockin' Babel on a floating lighthouse boat / village hall on water...indescribable place, but a great gig...generally mental really. Especially after 4 or 5 Budvar darks at Bordeaux Quay...

When Flo points at the Horse, Daddy must whinny or be shouted at until he does....

Needless to say today was somewhat sketchy but I did manage to have a huge bacon sarnie, fix someones Mail (Eudora?!? wtf?), shop for Teh Chile and cook up some pasta...not just any and Flo had Mushroom, Fennel & Roast Pepper sauce with Tagliatelle with a Tuna steak

Nic mentioned one of my food posts last night, so I thought I'd do if you'll excuse me I'm going to listen to the explosions....*mumble mumble* fireworks *bah*...

Full as an egg!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

So, er....

Flo's asleeping in the, er...I've just tidied up and posting, er...Here you go...

The 1st thing she did was look at pictures of Granny and Grandad!

We danced to Led Zeppelin, then we had my homemade Salmon & Vegetable Pasta Bake...which got quite messy as you can see!

So we needed a bath with lots of bubbles!

Then, after reading some books while we dried off and cuddled...we watched a bit of Trumpton and ate raisins.

Teeth brushed and off to bed with a bottle...


Sorted it. Gotta be NiMH baby! So got me some rechargeable's a test shot of the view from my desk and the 'bubbles' shot I mentioned....

Working from home today. 1, it's a (nother) Bank Holiday in France so relatively quiet, which means I can catch up on my documentation reviews...2, someone has finally come to fix the fire alarm...finally.

Off to get Teh Byootifarl Chile at 5. I may post again later...

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