Wednesday, November 08, 2006

**** Up!

Yesterday was a complete gnorls, I do not care how that is spelt. Or spelled.

This morning went so smoothly until I turned off the Bathroom light, which caused the 'newly fixed' fire alarm to go 6:30 am. 2 months now I have been chasing that to be fixed...I sensed a bad smell in the air...It was the day. It was dark.

I had been awake for 20 minutes.

No further details need be mentioned here apart from:

1 Women are joke. All of them.
2 Why would you order servers without including all the necessary cables?
3 Leaving work early doesn't mean you get home early...

Then...then...I got Flo.

Then...None of it mattered. None of it...

PPpppffFFFFttTTTtt!!! Want some bubbles daddy?

You betcha! (woah...check out the locks!§)

We have had a great time, albeit for an hour or so...until tomorrow...

*shakes fist*

§ Also (and this is really beginning to hack me off) more than one person in the last week has said that I looked like Teh Jezus. One apparently did a double-take...On the plus side, I am now thinking of using this to my advantage when I next meet they godbotherers in town...When they start shouting about Jezus I shall emerge from Teh Phonebox and denounce them as Sinners before Feynman, Sagan, Russell and all humans on the planet!*

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