Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner


'Mazing night out last night! Nice to see Pants...and then a fantastically rockin' Babel on a floating lighthouse boat / village hall on water...indescribable place, but a great gig...generally mental really. Especially after 4 or 5 Budvar darks at Bordeaux Quay...

When Flo points at the Horse, Daddy must whinny or be shouted at until he does....

Needless to say today was somewhat sketchy but I did manage to have a huge bacon sarnie, fix someones Mail (Eudora?!? wtf?), shop for Teh Chile and cook up some pasta...not just any and Flo had Mushroom, Fennel & Roast Pepper sauce with Tagliatelle with a Tuna steak

Nic mentioned one of my food posts last night, so I thought I'd do if you'll excuse me I'm going to listen to the explosions....*mumble mumble* fireworks *bah*...

Full as an egg!

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