Wednesday, May 31, 2006

If only...

...I could be bothered to write down my thoughts on how meteorological phenomena like this one...
...could be misinterpreted as Teh One and Only God or an Alien Visitation...

Then I would probably be doing that instead of just marvelling at all the good stuff at this site and too busy using a loophole in Pandora to get new MP3s...and messing with my fancy home network.


PS. This was posted from Teh Park using the joys of secure wireless, a laptop, VNC (I forgot some links)...If I really got with the program I´d get the Orange/Wanadoo which BTW I have some small role to play, being the techie guy behind getting Mail, PIM, Bookmarks and Settings to work across all these Euro wonder I have a sense of sinking.

Put Yer Feet Up

So. Rosie has started to call Lil "Flo"....I call her "Honey"....this might get confusing for the little mite.

Anyway, I had Tuesday off work as holiday and so had Lil for a couple of hours then also (on top of the 4 I got on Sunday).

We played a lot and then because it was so sunny I realised I ought to get some Suntan lotion. Man, that shizzle is expensive!!!

One of Lil's latest tricks is waggling her feet in the air while lying down in the buggy....something like this...

That's obviously rest mode though....we also play a game of "Peek-a-Daddy" through the little see-through window in the buggy hood....great fun ;)

Friday, May 26, 2006

Cuteness Overload

Thanks to Barbara for this wonderful piccie...clicky clicky :)

Thursday, May 18, 2006


...We have crawling!

Still not massively mobile...and I apologise for the sea of pink

The videos don't seem so good...or is it me? On the phone itself it's fine, but something is lost in translation.

Big F*****g Plane!

The Airbus A380 just did its flypast over Bristol.

UPDATE....more pics added....cheers Doug's Dad!

It is BIG!

Props to Doug for the video....

These pics from the other side of Bristol (from Dundry)


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Gareth Evans

Screaming like a little biatch!

That is all.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Not really...too tired and "Teh System" is slow due to ripping, transferring, backing up and cutting my own hair!

Not least various other networking things going...

And seriously GOOD LUCK to Peachie Keen!

I wish a major fashion chain wanted my pants!!1!

Just a quick post...

Realised I hadn't posted for a here's a few piccies.

Oh, and congratulations to Peachie Keen who look like they are going to be stocked by Top Shop!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Had a wonderful (which is odd) trip to London today for a the new offices...very near Paddington so much less hassle than it was OK (e.g organised)...and I found a book...

I have rarely found books that affect (effect?) me deeply: Stranger In A Strange Land (Heinlein), History Of Western Philosophy (Russell)...Pity The Nation (Fisk), The Wishing Chair (Blyton)...and probably many others.

Finding this book was opportune. I've recently been interested in (again) Dice-Theory and more deeply: The unbearable lightness of being.

Long story short; I decided to say, "Yes".

Things that happened: Yes + 0:
- Gave £1.63 to a bloke who asked for spare change (So had no change for train home, got taxi...found fiver in back of cab)
- Possibility of a (hideous) job in Marketing (there is another HR issue which means maybe only chance of payrise)
- Lil on Saturday (there are trains on Saturday, not on Sunday when I normally have her!!!)
- Lots to do at work tomorrow

I may start a separate YesBlog... ;o

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


3 Generations that is...I only just realised we had 3 generations of "my bit" of the Smith family in one room!

M&D were down last Saturday and we had a wonderful few hours with Lil...and Lil seemed to really enjoy it too. She was a bit shy (just sort of staring and quiet) for the first 10 minutes or so, but was soon captivated (especially by Grandad's tricks...see video below!).

I'll lett the pics etc do the rest....except to say: I am definitely getting a haircut! I'm going to book the appointment tomorrow!! As soon as I get the number for Sean's place again off John!!!

Damn that's some long hair...

Shame you don't see Grandad in any of the pics....but someone had to hold the camera and the video of Granny Jan with the Faery Cloth didn't seem to encode very well (plus waiting for 54 Meg to upload to YouTube is no fun)...

Monday, May 01, 2006

So here it is...

Merry Lil-mas!!!

Everybody's having fun...

Lil for the future man....

She's only (nearly) 8 months ooooooo-oooold...

She loves a bit of dub though....played some Dillinger, Bob and also some Toots & The Maytals...she loved it all (bouncing up and down in her box).

BTW, you may think it cruel to put a baby in a box, but apparently I spent a large part of my formative years playng in a cardboard box in the corner of the kitchen...never did me any harm ;-)

Even though the box is stuffed full of toys and things to chew on Lil has discovered that the box is (relatively) edible. I turned my back for a few minutes, wondered why it was quiet, and when I turned round she'd gnawed an inch square section. I have just realised that what I need is something like the big plastic tub I have to keep my T-Shirts in...


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