Tuesday, October 25, 2005

DJ Koala makes me feel strange...

...mixing chicken clucks with Evangalist preachers!

thumbs up! to teh ricola....

here is Lil snoring in my ear....i did not want to wake her up...thus...

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Watched "Batman Begins" last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. A classic disposable action movie...though it did take me 2 applications to find one that would play DivX with sound properly.

The PC also picked up a Trojan sometime while I was in Nice - I'd left it downloading some torrents ;)

Somehow it got past the 2 Firewalls but was picked up by the scheduled virus scan...so that was OK...and I've now updated the Firewall software and tightened up some logging. This was the 1st ever succesful (or not, if you see what I mean) attempt to attack one of my PCs. Inevitable I suppose.


It took about 5 seconds to from smiling to p!ssed off :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Nice is nice....

....but not very sunny. gun metal grey cloudcover and a definite nip in the air.

The GeekFest is going well and I have so far avoided being hassled too much....and i managed to blag an extra 45 euros of "drink card"....probably best not to ask ;)

I have this photo as my phone's wallpaper and I can't stop looking at it!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Revenge of the Sith...er Cyst

Apparently I have a Thyroidal Cyst!

Joe noticed that I appeared to have 2 adams apples at the weekend, so Monday morning I was off to the quack....didn't take long and apparently the "consultants will love you. They'll have all the students in trying to figure out what it is. Prodding and pokng you." Now, this happened to me once before, a long time ago when I was in hospital to remove a similar affair from somewhere a bit more sensitive (boys have 2 of them....girls don't)....and that was seriously embarrasing.

"I have private healthcare", I squeaked!

Hopefully, it will all be sorted soon.

In the meantime:

Monday, October 10, 2005


Joe came down from London this weekend and we had a great night out on Saturday. Fulleride and Mr Knife came out too and a few beers (and 2 rounds of Tequila) were had by all.

Managed to sort out a couple of problems with Joe and Tola's laptops...introduced him to his niece (and then freaked him out a bit by repeating "That's your niece" over and over again. Fulleride did the same to me last month, repeating "Your daughter" over and over....it'sscary.

Took a couple of videos over the weekend too, I'll figure out how to get them here sometime. They're MP4 so should play in Real Player.

Comedy Gold moment, was Joe attempting to hold Lil....I've never seen anyone lose co-ordination so quickly...like he was holding a sack of spuds!

Had to go to the quack's again today...I've been 4 times in the last 8 months....prior to that I hadn't seen a doctor for about 8 years!!!...am I falling apart or something now I'm a dad?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


So, the big boss from my team (we'll call him David, cos that's his name) was over in Briz today for some kind of meeting about the new organisation structure and he asked to have a word with me about why I'm leaving his team...my answer?

Because after 8 months you have just had a meeting to define job roles and objectives. I've been asking for over 1 year for this to be done....too slow.

Then he started whining (wineing?)....erm, whingeing about how hard it will be to find someone able to fill my "Java ME" shoes....not my problem. Yours!

*Sniggering to myself all the way home*

On another note, you could do worse to check out this a rather wonderful website from another member of the family...this one is older and better.

Oh, and...given that I don't have a TV (are you reading this Licensing people? Stop sending me the f*cking letters!), the ol' PC has been "torrenting" some of my fave TV programs for the last 48 hours...got me some "American Chopper", "Myth Busters", "StarTrek Enterprise Season 1", "Lost" (which people keep telling me about so I thought I'd have a look)...and the Fantastic Four movie.

Legal? Dunno...don't care.

And finally...

i'm a gonna punch you if you scare me again, dad!

I think the flash on the camera scares Lil :)

Monday, October 03, 2005

Just a quickie...

Had a great night out with the Ricola (female) and loads of other people on Saturday night. However smoking and drinking did no good for my cold/cough.

Woke up Sunday morning sounding like Barry White!

Other than that, I'm working from home today as I just got Broadband sorted on my home PC...so no more slow 3G connection...and thus I am preparing to get my arse kicked by Ferdinand de Buckos on Far Cry online :(

No further babber pics yet...but I'll probably post some later in the week.

I just got on National Radio!!!

Thanks to the fact that I was working from home I had BBC Radio 4 on in the background. On the Money Programme today they were asking for people to phone in with questions about benefits..."F*x it! I'll phone in" I thought (not expecting to get through)...got through, they took my question "What benefits are available to a parent without parental responsibility, who works full time, while the parent with full control is on benefits...?" ("and intends to stay on them forever!", I nearly said...but don't want to antagonise the Rose).

Anyway, bit later....walking back from Rose's having seen Lil for 10 minutes (sleeping, not spotty.....BBBEEEEeeeeeaaaauuuutttttiiiifffffUUUUUULLLL!!!!! lolols!) and they rang me!

Basically, was too flustered to sound coherent, and I rambled a bit - after they'd put me on silent actually so you don't me hear talk about my "pre-emptive strike" :)

I think you can find it here and obviously I do not use the name "guri", but "Ben".

The answer was essentially "None, you're screwed son".

Human Rights? Bah!

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