Saturday, September 30, 2006


Had Friday off (using up some holiday) and so had Lil for a few hours in the afternoon...unfortunately it started raining while we were out and about so we came home and watched a bit of Trumpton, danced a bit...and then rolled around on my bed tickling and laughing.

She do love her brocolli Teh Chile she do.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Like Teh Blog Title Say...

...I was one Angry Ginger today!

I felt a rant building based on the current sitch at work but it was obliterated by Teh Wunderfarl Chile. Instead I will say just 5 words:

Never. Work. With. The. French!

Not even one of them.

So. To business (aha hahah ha haaaaaa). You've all been neglected.....She walks!

When I picked her up from R's today she walked down the hall shouting "DaDa Dada" was at that instant that my anger lobes drained of all energy and my heart swole (yes, swole!) with joy...Having a kid rules!

I forgot to mention a classic moment from the Sunday Lunch trip a few days ago: Thomas (age 5) and Alex (same) are busily watching a Power Rangers derivative on TV when me & Flo turned up. I sorted out the changing mat etc while the boys explained (I think) what it was about and I explained who Flo was (Thom kept saying "What's his name?"...). So the boys are sort of half watching the TV, half watching me get Flo's nappy off when Thomas said, "I liked wearing nappies". Alex looks round..."Yeah me too, you dont miss any telly when you go to the toilet!".


Teacher...mother...secret lover...Homer is always right!

Monday, September 25, 2006

I Got Game...

So. Still no pictures sorry, but I have tracked down one of the mini-moto-bikes that tears up the park (and endanger life & limb) there may well be some 'slashed tyre' pics...or a scan of my arrest sheet soon! :-)

Anyway...Games! Animal Crossing appears to be taking over my life in the way that Elite did and I'd hoped Brain Training would. Mario has taken a back-seat, as I knew it would, and Rayman has still to be explored...for localised* fun this is one of the best games I've seen in a while....might Digg it...probably wont.

Also, I am definitely making one of these...

...and certainly shopping from here!

*once you download the Flash file no network traffic!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Shirley Aquarius

Is the water-sign of the zodiac, not Virgo!?

Flo is obsessed with water, especially if it is the sense of a fountain! She positively screamed herself into a catatonic state this afternoon when I refused to stop at the College Green fountain (rightly so....we were on the other side of the road and there is a big fence round them) and again at the stupid pissoir cleaning style affair outside the Hippodrome. Don't even mention the 'scooping' then choking thing she seems to enjoy doing in the bath.

Yes, my heart stops every single time!!!

Anyway, you may have guessed that there is no pictures...nor point....hahaahaha!

Thanks to Su, Thomas, Rafi, Arthur, Alfie, Zita, Teh Nannie, Alex, Laura (How come I suddenly bump into you every day?), Hamid and last but by no means least Teh Ultimart Byootifarl Chile!!!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Quick Pic

Thanks to Baboo for the photo...

That is all!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Guri Copter

Yay! Got my minicopter today :-)

Not as mini as I expected and way too windy to fly today but looking forward to taking it for a spin (ahaha hahahah) soon. I'll post some pics and maybe a video if I find someone with a spare pair of hands this weekend.

Also. Walking....

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Me hearties 'tis International Talk Like A Pirate Day!!!

Bristol has a highly piratical history doncherno?!

Speaking of pirates....coincidence or not....remember the Gordon Strong is Dreaming website I look after?

Well, he just escaped going to jail for art fraud! can read about it here....nice one Gordon!!!

Shiver me timbers!
Yes, I know it is actually "Shiver my timbers"....but I prefer the colloquialism!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Note to self....

...Flo with no afternoon nap is very crotchety...but we got through it.

Grubby Chile!

Dancing Chile!

[End Of Transmission]

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Nin Ben Doe

So. Got my Nintendo DS roolz!

Dad was in the locale this evening so he came round for Flo-Time...send me they pics, Pa.

Also, I'm having problems I keep calling Dad 'Dad' when talking to Flo so I'm trying to find a solution...I don't like calling him

1. Grampa / Granpa [current fave]
2. Pops [as opposed to Pop]
3. Granch [this is a welsh thing I least a Chidsy thing]

Any thoughts?

And so we come to the pictures...

Mouthfuls of apple!

TBD with Flo ;-)

Yes. I finally have a dining table...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Snack My Titch Up

I sense a a title 'theme' brewing...Teh Byootifarl Chile ate absolute tons of food today!

Anyway. Lovely day with the child. Am tired now so probably not going to say much other than: We nearly got killed by a teen-yob on a mini-motocross bike. Just leaving the park by the Pub exit and I could hear the revving, so rather than "Oh, there's someone going past, on the road on a motorbike" I'm all "Shit, twat on a moped....stay absolutely still and near the wall".

Lucky I did, because aforementioned twat hurtled round the corner (with a very impressive amount of sideways), hit the brakes and missed the buggy by about 10 cms. Naturally, I yelled at him something about his bain-size, bike-size, ball-size and the fact he had no helmet on....his reply: "If y'na 'ave ye yute wid, I come poun' yo head"*....t-o-s-s-e-r!!

If I do see him when I don't have 'yute' with me....then I sure as hell plan on having a big piece of wood to whack him with.

So. Other than that it has been a wonderful, if unseasonably hot, day.

I really have to sort out my phone situation as I only have morning photos...and only a few of them...Daddy sleep now...actually, daddy go get fish & chips, have a beer or 2 and then sleep ;-)

Reach! For the

Flo takes control of the Lunar Lander Module

Erm...why do I look scared?

* Translation : If you didn't have your baby with you I would kick your head in.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Me Me Me Me Me Me Me

Today I finally found a picture I have been wanting for 20 years!

20....that makes me feel incredibly old!...but lo, here I am aged 12, in a picture taken for medical reasons....Addenbrooks 1986!

Yes, that's right I am teh fame! Well, in rare genetic disorders of the dermatological kind I am....I distinctly remember the prelude to this involved me sitting in a room in a hospital all day with my mum while various 'hair geeks' from around the world came to prod and stare.

20 that time I had a (shiz hot) Amstrad CPC 6128 of which I was mighty proud, because I had bought an RS232 based Sequencer my phone is about 100x more powerful than that ol' (but sadly missed) clunker...

I think I want that punkish hairstyle back....In case anyone is wondering, I have Congenital Bilateral Triangular Alopecia....apparently 0.11% of the world population has Unilateral Triangular far as can be proved I am the only person ever to have the Bilateral ting going on!

I am rare...and....OMFG....IDBI....I AM 32!!

How the hell did that happen?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Picture Post

Few words...mainly pictures...

Introduction. "This Evening"

Fig. 1. "The Head Squeeze"

Fig. 2. "With Hairy Dad" [April 2006]

There are hundreds more from Rosie on the Spring/Summer disk I got today, but I need a good rummage through...and hey anyone (ok maybe not some people behind Chinese firewalls and crap work proxies) can see this blog, so I may save some for family hardcopy only ;-)

Fig. 3. "Dancing to Toots And The Maytals" [from this evening]

Fig. 4. "OooOoAAaaaAAagh Bedtime!!!" [from this evening]

Saturday, September 02, 2006

There's what in the park?

So an excellent day which started very strangely...and quite hilariously.

Bleary-eyed at 8 o'clock this morning I wandered into the lounge to be greeted by the sight of 7 (seven) black cows coralled in the Basketball/Football area of the park! Went to get Flo at 10 and thus took Rosie and Es along to watch the Police try to round them up...aided (well not really) by (one of a few) a local madwoman who kept repeating "Take this one's number Mr Policeman, he's trouble" and a few of the local drunks (it's 10am mind...and they were pished!).

Some cows in a city park attended by obligatory madwoman in a DryZ'Bone and floppy hat

Loads and loads of people watching....Long story short, they finally twigged and called a farmer, who came with a pickup and a trailer shooed them in via some metal fencing and job's a good un.

Then spent a lovely day with Flo who took three unaided steps today! Met up with some mates in Clifton (Hello: Richard, Sîan [i bet that accent is in the wrong place], Huntles and Teh Berber, Laura & Karen)...then met up with Gazatron and Ceri....home for some more playing (and the 'walking' incident), dinner, a bath and a great big cuddle...then off to Mumma's for bed.

Ooo oo OOoo I am about to smash Teh Towers!!!

Hello to Tomatom who is languishing in luxury in wonderful Cornwall places....I will fix your laptop and send you Sony goodness mon ami!!!

I love love love Teh Byootifarl Chile! Apologies for my ugly mug, but Baboo had a camera with her this morning and so you have to see me as well as the gorgeous, shouty one.

Bought a (final) few birthday prezzies for her today; given to Rosie for Monday....a lovely jumper and a GakGak (= Rubber Duck) some tissue paper, which will probably be more popular than either of the others. The nifty bag they are contained in will be popular with Esmo I'm sure...

Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Ma!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Mu-um!
Happy Birthday to you!

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