Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Heavy...The Light...and Teh Awesomez

Ooo. How self-referential...modulating post titles...Whatever next?

Everyone in the entire world needs to listen to The Heavy! Got their album "Great Vengeance And Furious Fire" today and its skillz!!

Also, my RSS feeeedzz tell me that the 5 day weather forecast for Bristol features Light Snow on Friday....all snow is awesome.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Heads, Shoulders, Knees and.....Ow, my fucking back!

Yep. Still a bit fucked backwise....apparently something's up with my sciatic nerve, probably mangled by stupid toddler-hefting style (e.g. carrying Flo all the way back from the farm "like a beebee"...and the "run down the hall and be thrown in the air by daddy" thing) and because I sit down a lot.

Randomness may now ensue. There will be no pictures...just so you know.

Tek! Bring back some kind of blog (or something). Oughton, Sked...updates?...Too busy IRL? No, I will not use Fackbook nor Twitter (shitter) are in my Feeeedddzzz.

The NDS is now host to an ecosystem comprising: a Dolphin (which, somehow, managed to bite Flo's finger while she was in the front room at Teh Mumma's house and my DS was in my bag with work), 2 Ponies (pretty lame (ha ha) if you ask me), 4 dogs (a Chihuahua, a Labrador, a Dalmation and some other mutt....Jungle Joe would be so proud!)... and a bunch of fish that jump on leaves which make various shades of "bong" noise. I want a Wii (and a wee actually...brb)

...Ahem. I want a Wii, not only for "Endless Ocean" but also....just because. Nicht nur...sonder auch (as they say in German IIRC. Oh yeh, hello germans! Lots of germans visit with some kind of cock/ginger (and now also "autofellatio") Google search. My other favourite snippet of Deutsch is "je schneller desto besser"...the quicker the better....3rd? Oh well, since you ask: "aufängen sollte Man sie" (wow, that was rusty)....which comes from an awesome play called Biedermann und die Brandstifter (ouch...spelling/memory rust! thanks Wikipedia!)...I love/d that play!

That reminds me, which of my relatives (for I am sure that it is a relative) would be connecting from Crawley? De-lurk yourself....I might even send you real letters (using this postal thing). It's one of my New Year resolutions. Such as they are. Or I might just email you...

I somehow seem to have achieved a state I will call Amazon Collision. I ended up (basically, I get interested in a subject for a few minutes and get click-happy) with a DVD of Derren Brown freaking people out with his Brain Skillz, and also a book by same...which is about freaking your own brain out! I'm not sure I should view them within a short timeframe.

I am also starving and must eat I will leave this randomness with the following:

  • Sit on a (desk, or kitchen type) chair
  • Lift your right foot and move it in a clockwise, circular motion
  • With your right hand draw a figure 6 flat (as if on a table/desk) in front of you
  • What is your leg doing?
I write with my left hand but am otherwise right-handed (go figure....guitar, mouse, my preferred foot?...all right...not sinistral) and when I use my left hand and right foot my foot just kind of goes all over the place! left/left is the same....oh wait, there is something else I do left-handed....*


*Use a rifle (or bow)...but that might be down to my wonky eyes.

The Good The Bad....and Teh Awesomez!

Flo and I had a lovely sunny Sunday....Museum, Froffy Milk, Snooze and playing in the garden....

The Good...
Waking up to the sound of Flo singing "It's Morning Daddy...You're my favourite!"

The Bad..
The second line of the song is "I done a poo"....she had...

Teh Awesomez
Snoozing together on the sofa (well I mainly watched football with my eyes shut)

I'll probably take some flack from Teh Mumma for the whole letting Flo play with her food thing.....but was too funnies :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Thought I'd try the "pants only" option with Flo this weekend...I did the whole "Flo, you're wearing pants not a nappy, so if you need a poo or a pee you come tell me, OK?"

Several hours later she's on her 3rd pair of trousers, I've got all my throws and pillows in the washing machine and I've resorted to the nappy option.

She really really liked her dinner!

And she likes a drop of Marseille Fig while she does her "cleaning"

In other news, I've done my back in....Right in!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Eyes Have It

And a little boogy too....

While I was getting dinner ready I could hear Flo nattering in the hallway...then she shouted "lookit me daddy"....

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Radio Killed The Video Star

Got absolutely drenched on Friday....wet to the's a pedestrian thing.

Flo and I enjoyed a Huge Fish Pie(tm) each on Saturday night. Comprising haddock, prawns, peas, leeks, celery and a bechamel topped off with broc-mash...we both did lots of "ummm"-ing...then played the tickle-chasing game, had a bath and then bed....Flo did Mermaid impressions and didn't really want to go to sleep ndespite "noo bankets" and a "noo circle cushion", but funnily enough 10 minutes after I put her down with a warm bottle of (rice) milk there was silence...

Today we had frozen raspberries in our porridge and then snacked on mango, oat biscuits and The Clangers until it was a suitable hour to visit the farm...came home for an aborted snooze, making tea for every single stuffed animal in the house (1 leopard called Leonard, 3 tigers (Big, Small and Bag), Kitten, Mungous the snake, Monster (sometimes called Dragon) and Stanny (the crazy, organic, pea-husk wearing, anti-establishment, bi-colour oat-based, oddball furball that daddy bought on a whim in Belgium))...the Noisy Orse also turned up for a bit. [sarcasm]Thanks for that one Granny Jan[/sarcasm].

Whenever it rains as hard as it has done recently I get a bit paranoid about the roof falling in, so I popped up into the attic earlier for a quick look (as I hadn't had a look since I moved in 6 months ago) and I notice I can get through to the neighbours attic!! There is no wall between my house and (seemingly) the house next to me....this seems wrong....anyone? Dad, I'm looking at you there.

While Flo was singing her traditional song in the tunnel (turn up the volume, I fucked the video settings phone...sorry) a woman walked passed the other side...when she yodelled (having got her breath back from laughing at us) Flo was mega-confused! Soz again about the quality...I pressed MMS instead of Yay Quality Video! You should hang out with us in person.

Oh yea...I got "rarzbee fingers"!!

Fwozen rarzbereez roolz....Thayz frozed from my 'lotment bak inna day!* awaits!

*yeah, i don't have it no more, but I got a bushel of frozen summr fruits for 3 quid ;)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

NDS Hax!

I has them!...once more :)

Stick the "spare" 2Gig microSD in it, wooo....1 Gig of DS ROMs and about a gig of music, movies and ebooks. Thanks Nintendo, DS hax0rz and Moonshell peeps!

Rockin'....not as rockin' as the hour and a half wait for the bus home from work due to insane traffic thanks to a broken lorry.

I now somehow have 5 (five!) Windows Mobile devices: Elf, Dual, Kaiser, Polaris and Pharos....closet Windoze fanboy perhaps? Or lucky sod?....they all have their good and (definitely more importantly) bad points...Pharos is good so far (only 2G so not speedy with data), but all of them seem to give me GPS gyp...or mebbe the satellites hate me.

I've also recently re-discovered my Korg ElectribeS and have spent many hours noodling away on beats/licks, maybe I'll upload something soon (yeah, right).

I'm off to play Metroid Prime Hunters....or something

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Fuck yeah!

Radnomness & Autofelation

This is not a blog about sucking your own fuck off weirdo!

That title should get the random Google hits up a bit...not that I ever have tried autofellatio (OK, there was that one time when I was 14, full of hormones and bad borrowed don't need to know about that).

I stuck a beta of something called Clicky on here the other day (yeah, yeah...I reserve my right to track your donkey ass) and it's confirmed the fact that I'm pretty high up in the Google rankings for the search term "cockaholic".....fucking perverts. Lots of Germans visit for "nice ginger" though so that's a decent balance.

Excuse the randomness of this post, I'm enjoying a program about Teh Mighty Atom which is alternately delightful, slightly incorrect, or annoying!

Oh Yea, trumpets....

FP: Yo, I got this big external hard-drive and I can't figure out how to make "My Documents" move to it.
Me: Errr...Right-click, left-click, tap-tap-tap....there you go...errr...that's a 50 Gig directory called "Porn"....might take a while.
FP: Errrr...

R: FruityLoops is continually freaking out then hanging on my laptop. Oh yeah, and the laptop smells like it's you know where I can buy some compressed air?
Me:, take this wire in-tray I have lurking and use that as a laptop stand...


R: OMFGWTFBBQ!!!1!!1! Everything is amazing!

If anyone who reads this knows how to turn my Korg ElectribeS from DC to AC that'd be cool....or any kind of portable wall-wart -> battery hack...

WTF....Iron is the most stable element in Teh Universe according to this TV-shit? I tink not!!!...most stable Nukeleeus, ja!


Because I am so angry with Broadcom WiFi chipset support under linux I refuse to write anything more...

No pics for you!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Back to normality....

....or what passes for "normal" round here.

Had a really nice weekend with Flo who turned up extremely tired on Saturday, having apparently woken up at 1:30am and refused to go back to sleep. Here's some evidence....too tired to eat her dinner!

My favourite part was her trying to cram peas and mash potato into her mouth while sucking her thumb and with her eyes shut! Anyway, she went straight to bed halfway through dinner (Chicken Stew with mash and peas since you ask) and un-amazingly slept from 5pm until 7am!!

We pottered around the house (something of a theme for me of late) for some of the morning and then decided we should go to the museum...

We bought some masks....

...and had Pizza. Flo shouting "I'm having pizza, lady!" at anybody who walked past.

And I showed Flo how to leap from a height....

Onto a book which makes an amusing farting noise!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Zero 8 Baby!

Yes, I haven't posted much recently have I....too much fun over the holidays that's what it is....that and a complete lack of desire to turn on a computer...

Business as usual will resume forthwith...

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