Monday, July 03, 2006

The Allotment : Part Deux

This one's for Marshie :-)

Lots of pics again...clicky clicky for the large size....the E50 Camera is a bit better with lots of natural light.

I have a lot of work to do!

But I have wonderful things like this...."Bristol's Pride". [Update: This is actually Maltese-Cross]

Too much spearmint....way too much.

Redcurrants (and 2 type of Gooseberry, not shown here).

Tons! Of blackcurrants on one bush (hidden from the birds in tall grass....a tip I will be remembering).

Also learnt today that bran is a good organic/natural anti-slug thing....spread around plants, they eat it, swell up and die and then the birds and toads eat them (and don't get poisoned themselves) :-)

Oooh. Lemon Balm

It was boiling hot but I still mananged a couple of hours clearing up a little and especially around the berry bushes....picked a couple of handfuls of the sweet gooseberry and some redcurrants to take to Baboos house (I am helping out with some web stuff).

The view from the top of my plot.

And my neighbour Rhiannon's plot which I covet somewhat.

That is all for now. Killer day tomorrow and then one of those 4:30am 10:30pm (if lucky) jaunts to Paris (apparently it was lik an oven in the metro today)...hope to be working from home on Thursday night (Flos's bath night!)....

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|||||| said... you went up there - took loads of photos and then picked some berries.....


come on guri - put yer back into it and show some of the fruits of your labour - not the ones that are already growing!

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