Thursday, July 27, 2006

I Love My Mum!

This post is for my mum what I luff...All photos and videos were taken today after we had been to the clinic for a jab...for about a nanosecond I thought "Hah! Something else I can do best (other than feeding solids) crying!"....another nanosecond later.....OMFG it was like I'd cut her arm off!

Loving fatherhood....and gradually begining to understand why I exasperated *my* parents...though surely a bit of apple also stopped me crying no matter what?!

She hates it if I am not on her side of the "chair partition"!

Chile is off to Wales with Mumma and Es (I witnessed a minor fight between Flo & Es today...) for a week so I am absolved of fatherly duties until weekend after this....might post, might not.

So...."Teh Video Media ob Teh Chile"....heretounder...

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