Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Is the latest proto-word. It seems to mean anything from "I want/like that" through "Show me this", Yummmmmm, and "No more food please".

Ladeeeez & Gennelmn see the ssstaaaaanding chiiiiilllllddd....errr Kazzooo!

Realising I hadn't posted for a while (sorry, busy) I thought I'd update with some of the things going on, but due to the heat I really can't be bothered...i'm daptopping from the roof right now. Finally a bit of a breeze in Briz today.

36 Degrees C near Gatwick today apparently! Certainly in the 32-33s again here.

OK. So, it's been hot, that's established. I had a phone (so-called) without a camera and there just seems no point posting without some pics these days (she grows so fast)...not done much on the allotment...plans, plans, plans!

Too hot!

So to summarise:

  • I am angry with bicyclists on pavements and those that ignore pedestrian crossings!
  • I am angry with the new "Recycling" scheme the council have....not worse!
  • Public Transport without adequate Climate Control (not Air Conditioning....don't need that)...pisses me off
  • I didn't get up the allotment (other than to dump compost)
  • I have next week off work which seems to mean this week is like 2 weeks work!
  • Did a website
  • Fondled another website
  • Ate
  • Slept a bit
  • Hated (and still do) UK trains!
The child is wonderful....standing more often than not and confident, my camera missed the actual moments of standing....oh.


"It's hotter than Africa, you are Red-Head and in Africa....hahhahahah!", according to the Namibian bus-driver this afternoon...

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