Monday, August 31, 2009

No Quiero Tequila!

I have no words...probably because I just cycled to Clifton via Easton and back...nothing to do with falling down some stairs and fending off "the youth of today"...maybe more about that another day....

30 seconds after entering the house after a week away...
...5 seconds after that...
Gotta love the ginger eyebrows!
"Up here dad!"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rumours of my demise...

...are just that. Rumours.

Unless you follow me on twitcock or facebunch you may not know that Moshi was found. On Friday. In my nearest neighbour's "shed" (basically an outdoor wardrobe).

That cat owes me so much printer ink and a fuckton of handcramp from cutting out the ~1000 fliers I didn't use!

On the other hand, I have been running round like a loon for the past week or so. And will continue to do so for the rest of August, I fear....did you know France (yes, all of it) basically goes on holiday during August? I do...fuckers! I've also managed to revert to my studentesque style of procrastination with a "paper" I have to know that "well, I've got 4 pages of notes. now to type it into 14 pages of awesome...oh look, [insert anything here and a 2 hour lack of focus]" feeling?



Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Moshi is MIA. Still!

Last time I saw her was Monday evening when I got back from work, after she'd had the minor "episode" at the weekend (see previous post). Another cat, Gilbert, has gone missing from the next street along...Have they eloped? Been catnapped? Is she trapped somewhere?*

I flyered my own and the 2 next streets this evening, but I wildly underestimated the number of flyers even though I thought 100 would be enough. It's crowded round here man, so many houses!

I learnt something though. I would fucking hate being a postman!

...No sign of multicoloured roadkill either (I went out on The Steed and checked)


Where am I?

*OMG! I just thought...she does like going into Rosie's house; they went camping on Tuesday morning...this is paranoiac, 2+2=5 nonsense (or is it?)...maybe she is trapped in Rosie's house! Trapped...hungry & thirsty (I'm sure she can survive ~2 days, they're back tomorrow!)...and...lonely...and...oh, yeah shitting and pissing all over the place!

** I'm only saying that because despite her being, well, let's face it, just. a. cat....I love her, despite myself and I am unwittingly stressing out!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Oh, Hi! I'd forgotten about you, had you forgotten about me?

What the fuck is up with the local feline population? Moshi had one of her episodes* Friday evening and then wasn't to be seen until magically appearing fast asleep on a soft toy** in Flo's room at lunchtime, where she stayed until this morning. She's MIA again since, and so, apparently, is another local cat***.

Stupid cats.

Nothing interesting has happened other than:

  • Attempting to electrocute myself with a Gauntlet arcade machine
  • Cars attempting to kill me despite riding a silent, black bicycle - invisible to the naked eye
  • Gluing things together to make weapons or masks
  • Writing about things I want to do next year
  • Reading Joe Haldeman (Forever War is now in my Top10!)...he's fucking ACE!
  • Flo and I spending a morning hunting alien trees, playing farms (with dinosaurs!), eating banana bread & freshly ripe pears...and visiting "the princess kingdom"****
Scratch all that. Cat's turned up squeaking like only a cat that vanished and is now missing it's dinner, which is right in her face (!!), can. And seemingly chewing on her own hind leg....Do cats taste like chicken?

Stupid cats.

* She does some kind of figure-8 round the garden, then round the kitchen, up the stairs, behind Flo's bed and back again.
** "The Constantly Deflated Hedgehog"...her fave, apart from "Basic Flo Bed" option.
*** "Gilbert" has been missing since 08/08. 12 year old, black & white male. Pink collar & name tag.
**** The Princess/Mermaid/Ben10/Cat/Dog/Prince/EvilQueen/Robot/Zombie/Pirate kingdom can apply to any space at any time....usually when you are nearing a space of, as yet undefined by Flo, co-ordinates....sometimes extending into the Z-plane!

Monday, August 03, 2009


I have to pass on huge props to Jen, Rose, Laurie, Logs & the MicroRave crew in general for a truly mind-blowing time....I was too busy enjoying it to take photos and a giant cardboard box on your head does not lend itself to using a camera (unless I build one into the next version!)...I give you my 500th post and "Doctor Roboto visits The Bit Pit!"

S'dat You?

See what I did there?

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