Thursday, August 30, 2007

A penny for 'em (WARNING: Contains no swearing at all...maybe)

This here be a brain-fart...

  • 3rd (possibly 4th) attempt to launch the Belgians onto "my" platform still being gently fucked over by various "where the fuck did you come from?" suddenly interested parties
  • ditto "why the fuck is that suddenly not working?" aren't all the staging platforms meant to be the same?
  • 4 months late now by my watch.
  • where's my fucking extra RAM for my laptop so I can run more than one application at once....fucking Windows/Microsoft....fucking build team....bah!
  • Been theme customising the Daptop after all this time. All it needed was a bit of a font size change, a decent wallpaper, transparency on Gnome panels, Compiz sorted, annoying tooltips off, colour tweaking for widgets and using different "component" settings from the default Mac-OS-X like thingy-ha Ihey, I'm used to the window buttons, so chill....)
  • Have to carry one of those big wicker-bowl like chairs on Saturday (bargain tho) from up the hill to the house...'twill be our new reading chair for bedtime stories
  • Might have found a swapsy for the Flymo...
  • Dentist & Dupuytrens treatments ahoy (ow! on both counts I fear....)
  • I've been on Facebook far more often than I'd like, but mainly because I've been playing Scrabulous on it....more often than I'd like
  • It's (not really) surprising that Flo is such a tonic for feeling down in the dumps. This morning she wanted to "read a daddy" so picked the biggest, hardbackist books within reach from the shelf by my bed, scrubbled the pages while making nonsense words and then became fascinated by a "stayship" (spaceship) on the front of a very old, very fragile Asimov.
  • Instinct took over and I roused myself to save the book (seriously, this book is probably worth 10p on eBay but it's been with me a long time!)
  • Subsequently she threw some of the heavier books at me..."up daddy now!"
  • This here blog is 2 on Saturday....and Ma reaches the age of 21 (again).
Oh yeh, almost forgot....Jonathon from FlailingMyArms came up with a fucking hilarious video (I think)....especially since Flo and I have been discussing "witches" (ok), "monkey inna tunnel" (wtf?), "mummy dragon" [hi rosie], and "'cary noises". Some of which require her to hide by covering her eyes with a forearm.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Sky Above Is Full Of Win And The Stars They're Spelling Awesome!!

So. In the back of my mind I was going to post about depression and how annoying it is...but...I'm just not up to it and I'm feeling much happier at the moment anyway....All I'll say is dysthymic depression is a sneaky little fucker.

Spent loads of really quality time with Flo and fired up my new toy....and had pints on Monday afternoon in the sun!

Tons of photos now follow...

Ultimate stir-fry for Saturday tea! There's carrot, pepper, spring onions, peas, sweetcorn, garlic and ginger, prawns, fried parsnip chips and roasted peanuts....."nummy" to quote the flopsy one.

Tucking in

Inna tent

Sleepy a tent. With a "panket"...and a bone

After dinner and some playing we have a bath then brush our teeth....a decent night's sleep and then it's time for Breakfast...

It's not food unless you get it on your face!

Sunday morning playing "plosh" on the bridge

"I runnin away daddy"


Feeding Pigs....unfortunately, there were a few tears when I insisted we left

Pizza for lunch on Sunday...chicken and peppers since you ask...oh wait...

The big slide!

Having got a bit mucky, it was a quick change into some ghetto gear...I finally got the knack with the hair.

No trashy outfit is complete without some tats...This is a tiger tattoo "like Daddy"

And this is a "heart-shape" says Mum underneath

Sunday night lent itself to some mild pyromania...

Fire!!! You can't really make it out in the photo but there's 3 foot tall flames shooting out of the top!

Monday morning...having a juice.

And then I went for beer....

Friday, August 24, 2007


Yarr! Profile pic changed.....I was bored of the old one.

This one courtesy of Threadless!

Life continues to be fine and dandy, but work is being a pain in the arris....luckily I got sooper-mundo paycheck today.

Being the sensible type (hahahahahah) I paid off most of my credit card...and bought some presents.

Can hardly believe this blog (and thus Flo) will be 2 in a week!


Monday, August 20, 2007


Following Saturday nights somewhat sentimental potentially vomit inducing post, here's a few pictures from Sunday.


Making a milky mess

Nookin a mess daddy

Assault Course

Slide = Ramp

Apparently being a "sleepy doggy with a bone"

"Nook a bone daddy?"


Watching Muppet Show

Beans on toast and Garlic & Herb Cheese!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

And so it goes...

We'd eaten tuna, rice, greens and roasted parsnips & carrots. We'd bathed and watched 'In The Night Garden'. Read "noo book" and gone to bed. I'd been watching a mixture of Steven Fry and Elvis documentaries. It was a Saturday night, 10pm, and I was ready for bed.

I checked on Flo. She'd covered herself with the blanket but was naked and nappyless. And she'd pissed the bed!

I wanted to read my book. I wanted to sprawl over the entire bed (such as it is).

A wipe down, a fresh nappy and the only option "Daddy Bed". I lay her down and curl into a corner...30 seconds later the Copper Chopper hovers seemingly directly above us. She sleeps on, blissful and beautiful. I watch her...then get up to type this.

I have a snoozy one to nap next to. I am the luckiest man alive.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mah Hood!

Mah Home...a short film about where I live. Not made by me, but cool nonetheless.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nothing to see here....

...please move along.

It's not business, or laziness, it's Blapathy.

The Naked Gardener
That is all!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Monkey Pirate

Video of the carnage at the bottom of this post

Flo turned up on Saturday wearing the most awesome hairclip ever...a Monkey Pirate, complete with eye patch. There's only one possible combination that could me more awesome: Robot Ninja....but I'm kinda guessing I'd have to make my own.

Lor popped round Saturday morning for some mobile phone advice and then Bucky who apparently just wanted a cup of tea and a shit.

This is Flo's baby....

Sunday was mainly spent enjoying the sunshine. We went for a walk in the park first thing and played Pooh Sticks and chucking stones into the stream: "Splish Splosh", as they day warmed up Flo donned her ghetto outfit and we had a choc-ice on the front stoop. Playing with bowls of water in the back garden and the Wendy House (basically a giant cardboard box which Flo calls "Mine House in Daddy's House").

Ice cream on the stoop!

She's not wearing any pants...commando Flo!

I spent Flo's morning nap preparing a most awesome stir fry of: King Prawns, Edamame, Rice, Noodles, Peppers, Mushroom, Cabbage and Bean sprouts...Flo picked the prawns out and just ate them....Bah.

This is Flo dressed up as a circus performer!

Finally, I have lucked out on the lady front...a lady I went out with a few times back in February last year got in touch last week and wants to hook up again but isn't really "up for the whole full-on relationship thing" as she's planning to naff off to Italy sometime in the next 18-24 months....FTW!

Friday, August 03, 2007


It's a new word. I made it. It means "Blog apathy". And I have it...

...It seems to happen to others too (dunno why I can't link directly to the post on flailingmyarms....).

My week offline was very enjoyable and since then I've just taken my time checking out my usual flurry of RSS feeds. I've also found a really good Indian cookery book; proper authentic style, so I've been spending loads of time in weird supermarkets and making myself spicy goodness.

I stuck Google Analytics on here about a month ago and I thought I'd share with you some of the more comedy stats I've picked up.

  • Most common Google search that lead visitors here: ginger nice (wtf? oh yeah, there was a post I made from Nice back in the early days ;)
  • Favourite Google search that lead visitors here: ginger bollocks photos (freaks!)
  • Favourite OS/Browser combination: Debian /Tek Browser (you geek!...or is it just a hacked Firefox?)
  • Most common city from which regular visits come: Bristol (natch)
  • Who is in Saga, Japan? And why would they visit regularly (like 4 times in the last month?)'s that typhoon?
Maybe I'll find something better to blog about soon.

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