Monday, August 06, 2007

Monkey Pirate

Video of the carnage at the bottom of this post

Flo turned up on Saturday wearing the most awesome hairclip ever...a Monkey Pirate, complete with eye patch. There's only one possible combination that could me more awesome: Robot Ninja....but I'm kinda guessing I'd have to make my own.

Lor popped round Saturday morning for some mobile phone advice and then Bucky who apparently just wanted a cup of tea and a shit.

This is Flo's baby....

Sunday was mainly spent enjoying the sunshine. We went for a walk in the park first thing and played Pooh Sticks and chucking stones into the stream: "Splish Splosh", as they day warmed up Flo donned her ghetto outfit and we had a choc-ice on the front stoop. Playing with bowls of water in the back garden and the Wendy House (basically a giant cardboard box which Flo calls "Mine House in Daddy's House").

Ice cream on the stoop!

She's not wearing any pants...commando Flo!

I spent Flo's morning nap preparing a most awesome stir fry of: King Prawns, Edamame, Rice, Noodles, Peppers, Mushroom, Cabbage and Bean sprouts...Flo picked the prawns out and just ate them....Bah.

This is Flo dressed up as a circus performer!

Finally, I have lucked out on the lady front...a lady I went out with a few times back in February last year got in touch last week and wants to hook up again but isn't really "up for the whole full-on relationship thing" as she's planning to naff off to Italy sometime in the next 18-24 months....FTW!

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