Friday, August 03, 2007


It's a new word. I made it. It means "Blog apathy". And I have it...

...It seems to happen to others too (dunno why I can't link directly to the post on flailingmyarms....).

My week offline was very enjoyable and since then I've just taken my time checking out my usual flurry of RSS feeds. I've also found a really good Indian cookery book; proper authentic style, so I've been spending loads of time in weird supermarkets and making myself spicy goodness.

I stuck Google Analytics on here about a month ago and I thought I'd share with you some of the more comedy stats I've picked up.

  • Most common Google search that lead visitors here: ginger nice (wtf? oh yeah, there was a post I made from Nice back in the early days ;)
  • Favourite Google search that lead visitors here: ginger bollocks photos (freaks!)
  • Favourite OS/Browser combination: Debian /Tek Browser (you geek!...or is it just a hacked Firefox?)
  • Most common city from which regular visits come: Bristol (natch)
  • Who is in Saga, Japan? And why would they visit regularly (like 4 times in the last month?)'s that typhoon?
Maybe I'll find something better to blog about soon.


Jonathon Morgan said...

I (obviously) totally know what you mean. I was sitting around going "has my life suddenly become boring? What gives?"


guri / benguri said...

Glad you're back though (and not just on ParentDish now and again).

I feel your angst :)

tek said...

Home grown Browser mate. It's a very stripped down version of Mozilla! Basically just the engine with my own GUI, XPI rawks my sawks!

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