Thursday, June 28, 2007


Good Cop, Baby Cop

In other news, poor Flo had a bit of a temperature yesterday....didn't seem too bad this morning though. I'll update at the weekend (probably).

Monday, June 25, 2007

S'Wet Innit?

Who'd a thunk it's June, eh? I got monumentally soaked this morning (I'm still quite damp) on the 15 minute walk to the bus stop...only to see the bastard drive off. So I stood in the rain for 45 minutes while I waited for the next one.

Anyway. Me and Lil had a fine time this's some eye-candy for ya!


Cranberry & Blueberry juice....not friendly to white clothes!

Dancing in the "Washin up"

Apparently it's also "a barff"

I opted for dinner in the buff....

Snack time...neckerteens (nectarines) are "juishy" apparently...

Stokin' a dote

Poking a "baby kik"

In other news, who needs a library card when you're (ahem) poking a Librarian? :)

Now, I just need to start seeing a Policewoman....any other jobs I should think about?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Phantom Post

You may have noticed a post appear and then disappear this week. Thanks to Gaz "The Voice of Reason"(TM) Evans for pointing out I could have just emailed the person that caused the vitriol.

Anyway, we shall not mention this matter again ;)

Also, big props to Gaz for yet another awesome mixtape...I'm working on a return favour for that.

Everyone knows you need height to get the most from your windmill!

Sunday, June 17, 2007


I was going to do one of those dad-centric posts, but B055Man's bad news keeps freaking me out.

So you get a bog-standard w'appen post...with a groovy slideshow at the end...don't just scroll down. Read this you fuckers! :)

Friday night lent itself to getting mangled. I toasted that chalice like it was in the palace...

Saturday was spent regretting it...but I did achieve a 9am lie-in. Cleaned up and then spent about 4 hours making a chicken stew for me & Flo that should probably have taken an hour (bar cooking time). JP came round with his latest purchase, a two-wheeled death machine....I guess it matches the 4-wheeled death machine he also has.

Somehow, she kept her nappy on all night. Managed to shout "Rice. Milk!" repeatedly at me when I tried to fob her off with water at which point the nappy came off. I swear, it's some kind of dirty protest. But all in all a nice quiet morning....until we went to the farm and found the "baby kiks!". One of whom has a gammy leg (there's a sign up, it's in no pain...) to which Flo says "ah, poor darlin'" or "poke it?".

Don't get me started on her "death kick". Which in the garden is almost literal....e.g:

Flo: Oh mouse...
Me: Yeah, a wood louse....wood. louse.
Flo: Mouse!
Me: Yeah he's lovely isn't he.
Flo: [stamps on woodlouse] Mouse?
Me: Yep. He's dead...
Flo: Spider?....
Flo: [smashing spider with a plastic kiddie spade] Pider. Pider! PIE-DAR!
Me: What was he doing? Poor spider!
Flo: Aaaaw. Sowwy darlin! Sowwy.

Snails, (or "Nail") are exempt apparently. I'm rarely aloud to touch one if she sees one (if I do get hold of the fecker though it's over the fence it goes), instead she offers a "house, nail house?" to any available toys with mouths..I follow and attempt to subvert the behaviour.

As we buggied past Mothercare (agh!) today Flo demanded to "go inneeeer!" against my better judgement we did. Lo, I hated it as before but on the way out a "SALE" sign caught my eye....some judicious perusing of the boys clothes eventually led me to the coolest pair of trousers (aka "tau-zis") I've ever found...rummage, rummage, rummage == T-Shirt (unfortunately French). Both of which were less than half price!

Why don't I have this skill for my own wardrobe?

She loves a bit of "washing up", and is actually quite skilled at cleaning....not so skilled at keeping dry.

*Yep, she still calls dogs "daddy"...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Flo loves water. We went into town on Saturday afternoon to meet Teh Ricola...Flo did a bit of running around, walked "like a monkey", and stroked a friendly doggy.

Photo by female Ricola

On the way home I thought I'd let her play in the fountains in town for a bit...lots of tears when we had to leave which were only relieved by the promise of a "pop" when we got home...FYI "pop" means lollipop. However, I am one cunning (mean?) daddy...I basically make long ice cubes (think finger of kit-kat) which fulfill her desire for "cold" and "water" all in one go...never before have I seen a child say "nom nom nom" (FTW!) about an ice cube.


Monday, June 11, 2007

We Are...Teh Cyclists!

Found this on Treehugger. It is teh awesomez no?!

I'll post yer some pics in the week mebbe.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Could it be...?

A "proper" blogpost? I'm not sure, but I'll certainly try to write something interesting and locate you to some wonderful things on these intarnets. In the meantime I'll be trying to sort out some last minute latent racism between myself and those cheese-eating-surrender-monkeys!

So. 1st off...The Dirty Protest:

Teh Chile is potty training. Rosie mentioned it and I heard Ez shouting "No Flo, in the potty" while out in Le Jardin the other I bought a potty. Not before she showed me that she doesn't want a nappy full of shit by taking off said nappie, moving all the bedclothes (and TankOOBear (a teddy which does not look dissimilar to this one) the book we read before bed...did not cost me that much though, TankOOVouchers!!) to one end of her cot and taking three perfectly formed pyramids of shit at the other end!

Not a jot on her though...all credit to the girl.

Then. Then...she shunned the potty right in front of her for the relative comfort of weeing on a cushion. While she looked me in the eye!

Her stringing together of sentences though is becoming more and more wonderful by the day. Which reminds me...I found this post really poignant. Flo isn't quite as articulate yet (I await the day) but much of it rings true for I don't have massive biceps; I got given a wicked buggy remember. And am a weed.

Meh...number 2 could be more tricky geeky:
Am going to try getting my cablebox to do not even Motorola! Am fscked? I don't even need it to work...but the potential exists...for the price of a 6-pin firewire cable (which TBH I have one somewhere) and some typing?! Failure can be an option...when it is not a prerequisite for success. This is not to mention setting up m0n0wall again so that I can VNC in...oh wait, you're bored...

£ 15 \/\/3LL 0DD
Round 2 of the fight for cleanliness continues. I sooped up the hoover by taping up some connections and I made a new nozzley attachment thing what cleans tiny the expense of making the hoover sound like it wants to kill me. Got some non-standard bags/filters...and what with the slight "engine mod" using soldering iron and chisel (don't ask) I'm sucking some serious gunk...From the smell of ozone while in use I give it a week!

Is all. I go to my garden....I'll probably find rats...I bore...

Monday, June 04, 2007

Picture Post

Le shades....

Check out the hair!

Voluntarily sitting on the naughty step....with a bag....full of "pretty"


Buck spends some money while using Teh Gurinet....Yes, I made him use linux....


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