Monday, June 25, 2007

S'Wet Innit?

Who'd a thunk it's June, eh? I got monumentally soaked this morning (I'm still quite damp) on the 15 minute walk to the bus stop...only to see the bastard drive off. So I stood in the rain for 45 minutes while I waited for the next one.

Anyway. Me and Lil had a fine time this's some eye-candy for ya!


Cranberry & Blueberry juice....not friendly to white clothes!

Dancing in the "Washin up"

Apparently it's also "a barff"

I opted for dinner in the buff....

Snack time...neckerteens (nectarines) are "juishy" apparently...

Stokin' a dote

Poking a "baby kik"

In other news, who needs a library card when you're (ahem) poking a Librarian? :)

Now, I just need to start seeing a Policewoman....any other jobs I should think about?

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