Tuesday, March 25, 2008

350th Post

I couldn't be bothered to come up with a decent title and I wont be typing much as I have managed to mangle my finger...there's no blood, but it is "very hurty" as Flo would say.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Work's A Bitch

So we wont go there...instead, here are some pictures.

I'm working on the tracklist for a "mixtape" for your delectaction/ridicule [delete as applicable]. I'll try to get it together for the end of the month!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

She aint Ginger!

...but she's angry!

I lol'd...

We had a lovely japanese style soup affair for dinner...prawns, tuna, haddock, sugar snaps, brocolli and noodles lightly poached in a vegetable broth with some ginger (or "spice" as Flo calls it) and lime...it was delicious!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


A small personal reference to the more prevalent Google searches bringing traffix my way...that Autofelation post is doing better than I'd ever thought possible! Mostly in terms of lonely teenage boys (just guessing) from France or Argentina (not guessing)...Tigers, Lions and Tattoos are also quite popular hits; by far the best is "ginger lion cunts", closely followed by "angry ginger cocks"....perhaps the last was a deliberate attempt to find me.

In other news, the new work laptop is working out better than I could have hoped. Dual-core, decent RAM, XP not Vista...but still a corporate build, ugh...lighter, quieter and with a swishy wide screen though I'm still not convinced by the layout for the "nipple"/buttons/trackpad, and Page Up/Down and the cursor buttons are, well, too close and confusing. I really don't need a powerful laptop for work these days because I essentially spend my time using hideously unwieldy Excel spreadsheets that do arcane Windows/VB stuff with a Web App, attempt to become a PowerPoint demon (instead of the "hello, i am technical...here are some pictures and poorly explained acronyms" style I have cultivated), Email and Web/RSS...oh and I draw things using Dia.

I started this post intending to simply point everyone to Tek's reminiscence post here...way too many of my own favourites to pass up the opportunity to just link....I've been thinking of doing a "mixtape" thing for a while now. I'm pretty certain only Gaz will ever bother downloading it, but maybe I'll just do it...what is copyright anyway?

Those tiger pictures, by the way, are awesome! Nice one bro....


Sometimes I envy my brother's "job"....he got to play with some Sumatran tiger cubs the other day...

In Which I Embarass My Daughter...

...well maybe when she's older.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Lil Communication

I'd write loads of stuff here about how the Friday night swap was a really good lauch and how much fun we had on Saturday morning...and how I went to Teh Pub on Saturday afternoon to watch the rugby (yay!) and had 4 pints...and how my evening slipped into a mess...and about how I woke up early on Sunday morning, watched Superbad and then did a load of gardening...but I'm having laptop issues, and I need to go pick up the new one in abit.

So, herewith some piccies....

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Approximate Mong Scale 3

That has to be one of many of my favourite lines from "Flash"....such an awesome film, and it's on in the background as I write this.

It's also a fitting description of how I feel right now. Let me explain....

Esmae came to stay on Friday night as well as Flo for the weekend. Totally planned, expected and worked out pretty well, but I have new-found respect for anyone who has more than 1 kid...and especially for people like Rosie, who appear to cope so admirably with 2 kids between 5 and 2!!

I'm knackered...but we all (on average) had an awesome time. I shall now endeavour to illustrate this...

Apparently, me with a mouthful of blueberries is the scariest thing in the world!

So, that was Saturday breakfast (like 7 am!)...The night before that we wore cardboard crowns, behaved like gorillas, ate our dinner and did some drawing. You can distribute those activities as you see fit...

After the screaming and subsequent watching of "Howl's Moving Castle", wherein I witnessed Flo attempting to describe what was happening to Esmae:

Flo: "She's a little girl and an old lady. There's the big big circle....and a fire. Little boy...He's got a beard"
Esmae: "Ben, what is this?"
Flo: "Look Esmae, toonip'ed!! Too'ped!"
Me: "Turniphead"
Esmae: "What is this?"
Me: "Shall we go to the park?"

...we went to the park...

Note that this post does not reflect all the arguing, crying, demands to "ride the elephant", whose turn it is to go on the slide or the swings...it's like a Disney version of my life...or a Flash Gordon version...in my mind.

Es went back to her mum's that morning and Flo (who was in inexplicable toddler tear-hell) and I came home an went to bed for a bit...well I had the sofa downstairs.

We did a load of gardening, and then on Sunday I found my HP digital camera...so we took that to the farm, park and cafe...then back home for more laffs....

I could not, for the life of me, figure out where Flo'd stashed the Monk Machine, so I followed her...much to her annoyance!

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