Monday, October 30, 2006

Welcome new Reader!

Hey Axel!

Thanks for the french correction...I should have said:

Quoitidien/ne = Daily
Hebdomodaire = Weekly
Mensuel/le = Monthly

Axel sez:

"And about Planifier: It does exist in French (English and French vocabularies are 85% the same).
However, here are some franglais examples:
Checker = to check his emails
Coacher = to coach somebody
Mailer = to send an email"

Glad to hear the Bonsai trimming went well!

In other news, I'm still trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with my camera...and looking forward to Flo's sleepover on Wednesday night.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Technical Bitch

Nightmare journey back from Paris. Though the day was generally productive 8 hours travelling (or being delayed) is not my idea of fun.

Then last night battery problems with the camera. I replaced them, but it's still reporting 'Lo-Batt' (wow, that's an old Ericsson reference...) and refusing to take pictures, let alone get the highly amusing shot of Lil covered in bubbles in the bath.

Had a wonderful day with her today though and that's despite the fact she did not know about the clocks going back. I stuck her in bed with me and a bottle and she was fine for another 2 hours (this is at 4am!)...for some reason she likes to sleep at 90 degress to me with her feet facing away...and gradually rolls from my shoulders to me knees.

You'll have to make do with these shots from the ol' cameraphonamajig.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I am Teh 5!

Signed an important bit of paper today...T&Cs....I am almost Band 5...FTW!

In other (more meaningful) news, Mum brought me a couple of chutneys down (that's not some kind of code) and they are both spicy, with a capital HOT. But more addictive than crack...not that I'd know about crack, but you get my gist.

Favourite bit of French (am off to Paris tomorrow) I remembered today?

Quoitidien/ne = Daily
Hebdomodair/e = Weekly
Moitidien/ne = Monthly

Also, some bastardised Franglais I heard recently:

Forwarder (pronounced 'forwad-ay') = To forward an email
Planifier (pronounced 'plan-if-ee-ay') = To plan something (to put in a project timescale)

And last, but by no means least...Teh Chile in all her pan-technicolour, mega-pixarl, heartbursting-beeyooti! Though most of this evenings shots were, I'm thinking you'll maybe get fewer but better as I implement 'Project Outandabout'...TBC

Monday, October 23, 2006


I am only posting this post because I'm really missing Teh's the only reason I come here anyway, and so you may as well be submitted to the crap I submit myself to without her!

Oh, alright then...

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Well that was a doddle...Chile made it ultra-easy on me and with Teh Granps down (sorry, i mean: Granny Jan & Grandad) there was never likely to be a problem...and I even got 40 winks (if wink == minute) while Teh Chile had her morning nap.

All in all a wonderful evening and day...she is now back with Mumma until Wednesday night...missing her already!

Clickety-click for the large pics as always.

Breakfast 2: The 1st was 'puddo rice' with dried fruit...this is puffed-corn crisps...Organic natch.

Andy 'Wan' tha' wun' Pipkin

Earlier than normal trip to the park (like 3 hours earlier than normal)

Finding Robots with Teh Granps!

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Flo is asleep in her cot in my bedroom...This is the second most exciting yet somewhat scary evening of my life!

Sorry, there are no pictures, I was too preoccupied with making sure she would sleep I would.

M&D tomorrow, will post some pictures etc tomorrow night.

Sweet dreams!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Bonus for yer...

Out and about this morning!

I love this bit of (official) graffiti, just round the corner from me...a guy rode past on a tandem and said 'Thass as near as you'll get to th'countryside round here"

So then we went to the farm!

Currently, she is asleep in the cot...on her belly, which I'm not so sure about.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Finally. Pictures!

Having some problems uploading them (Blogger problem not mine) and I obviously need some practice with composition (not easy with a baby in a tiny flat) and I'd like to experiment with exposure settings and lighting and get the flash settings right....

It was raining so now outdoor shots....probably do sme over the weekend. Speaking of which, I have Teh Chile tomorrow morning while Es goes to school (I have some holiday)...and then she's staying over Saturday night for the 1st time ever...M&D coming on's a chockablocka weekend....and I fear I will be 'Mr Knackered' on Monday which is not the best way to start a busy week involving a trip to Paris (yes, I will take the camera)!!

Next weekend Joe is coming down so hopefully we'll get some shots of him & Tols with Flo!

This evenig she ate a "slow stir fry" of: Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Mushroom, Courgette, Red Pepper, fresh Peas, Parsnip, Sweet Potato and Celery mixed with some rice. Brocolli and (unwanted Brussels Tops...I mean she didn't want them, not me...I ate them) on the side and a few spoonfuls of organic Baked Beans left over from my lunch!

Yes. It does do video too it do!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'm Sorry

For the recent swearing...and I'm also sorry that I did not have Teh Chile this evening to take Wunderfahl Pictures of her for you...I'm sorry.

Bit of a hectic (mildy hilarious) day today involving French trainers from 3rd Parties, The Devices Team (a notoriously difficult crowd to tell anything) something I'd had nothing to do with arranging but was suddenly 'in charge' of and a massive failure of the live production platform to actually work!

Long story short, I'm practicing with the camera and you'll be able to fill your greedy eyes with Buryootiphul Baybi tomorrow. I'm sorry.

In the meantime feast your eyes on Andy Kaufman....though I'd seen Jim Carey as Kaufman in 'The Man In The Moon' and remembering a bit of 'Taxi' from back in the day, I'd never seen any of the clips of Kaufman himself as the Kaufman character in TMITM....Now I have. And I'm thinking that TMITM is the best Jim Carey film ever....he got it so very right!

There's loads more here.

And to think I only started using YouTube as a convenient place to stick Flo vids...wait a minute...I did a similar thing with GMail (easy integration with home applications) then GooglePages (easy to create and host sites for other people)...and GCal (integration with iCal)...and then they buy YouTube; I sense a [non-existent] conspiracy...they're following me!

Monday, October 16, 2006

F****** 'A*' M*****F*****!**

Camera is here! Sleep is evading me...

Did I mention I got it for £50? And that it now appears to be selling for £100? Steal! Or that I stuck my £15 2GB SD Card in and now have ~1900 5MP photos to hand? Plus video?..MmMmmMmm!

....then...just plugging it into the Mac, which said "Starting iPhoto, here's a new 'Roll' called 'HP Camera'...shall I just load all this with the description you give? should I like save this a bit so next time you just get a new 'Roll' each time you connect with all your new stuff, labelled appropriately?"

So. No pictures.

I felt the need to take great quality pictures of my evening: Toasting seeds, cooking rice and greens, loading up the buggy with a 15" CRT and an old mouse* for Gazatron & Cer, waiting for Gaz to bring the buggy back and thinking up shit jokes about him 'forgetting the baby'...eating, playing Animal Crossing, working a bit (admin, since you ask) and writing this...but that would be sadder than some of my sadder posts upon this blogthing which, it has to be said, is not the un-saddest thing in the world.

I am saving the quality pictures for quality content...namely Teh Chile!

Here's an old one!

* The monitor is about 5 cubic feet and weighs over 4 kilos!....buggy advised when faced with a hill!
** In case you were wondering the title is meant to be "Fucking A* Motherfucker"***/****
*** Which is meant as A 'Star' as in the new fancy way of marking exams
**** And is in reference to the arrival and aceness of the camera

Sunday, October 15, 2006

You Lose

The proper camera's here tomorrow...Teh Chile slept through meeting Bark & Tarm who were busy painterising Yard_180...woke up mid 'Dad Coffee' and demanded to walk around (admired and praised by all) and then shouted at me all the way home!

No battery and having too much fun to wait around for chargers so, sorry no pics of her eating a fig. Please, instead just imagine a small child covered in fig....and the figgy chair...and the floor figgy...and the figged-up daddy...I couldn't risk photography in such a figgy situation.

Damn you father! I refuse to be photographed without sticking my hands in the way...

Bathtime was also fun as we have now developed this double act: I sit on the loo seat and pretend to jog while she sits still and shouts, then I 'hide' behind the towel while she splashes as hard as she can. When she stops splashing, I do the 'Boo!' thing and then it's repeated...until she gets bored and tries to eat the bubblebath again. We ended up with half the bathwater on the floor and called it quits, and she got extra cuddles for encouraging me to get the mop out.

There's definitely some pear in here somewhere! Dad said!

She ate: A bit of Croissant. Salmon, Moroccan Veg with CousCous & Greens for lunch. Tamari Cod with Sesame Seeds, Ratatouille, Purple Sprouting Broc & Rice for tea and in between loved a PEELED fig...almost choked on a tough-skinned grape and then scared me again with some bathwater!...ALSO about 40ml milk (non-dairy obv!)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wha' EVAR++

UPDATE! Please scroll down....

Um. No pics I'm afraid...I forgot until about 2 mins before Flo had to go home to bed and the one shot I got she grabbed at the phone (yes, the new camera has still not arrived) and all I got was a blurry shot of what is apparently both hands reaching for the lens...and nothing else.

So, to placate your ire I am seeing if I can upload an older (good quality) vid of Ma (Granny Jan to you lot) playing 'Faerie Cloth' with Lil ages ago. A game which is still enjoyed's amazing how much she's grown! Lil that is, not Granny Jan. We'll find out if that upload worked in a sentence or two....PooTube just had a 1.6 Billion dollar buyout from Teh Goog, so personally I'd be out on the biggest bender* of all time!!!...not helping idiots upload their self-promoting crap ;-)
* Link courtesy of Google "I'm Feeling Lucky" Button

I've hit upon a handy 'rapid sitch explanation' method...try this for size:

  • Work = Busy, exasperating, just me and Teh Boss Man in today (and yes, we did play Animal Crossing on our DS's at lunchtime for a bit).
  • Flat = Fine thanks, but still looking around casually to see if I could ever afford to buy something...ever...anywhere....surely...secretly (spesh now Dad's retired-ish) I'm hoping for a huge collapse in house prices (sorry JP) with no corresponding hardship to the work sitch. Though apparently I can afford an acre of woodland 20 miles outside Brizzle...anyone got a tent? And a car?
  • Mood = Cool. Seem to be coping with the onset of SAD...I think it's Teh Byootifarl Chile that does it.
  • Beard = On the way back....?
  • Hair = Jesus...feckin' Kerreyest! What do I do with it now?
Not bad eh? Now, let's see if that upload to PooTube worked...Hmmm...slow...must type more crap...

I have The Black Hole to watch/burn this evening and I can also hear fireworks for the first time since January...they start early round here & it often develops into running street battles between gangs of yute with rockets huh?

Babel (man I hate MySpace, sorry Chris) gig on Friday night, which should be ace as Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grubb ('Tom' is so much easier to type, and to read) is down for the weekend...Finally, Joe is coming back at the weekend. To the country that is, not necessarily Briz...apparently he has a cast of a huge tiger footprint (which is teh big? you decide: cast / tiger / footprint) and a photo of the dude that made it for Flo...will be great to see you again Brah!

Hmmmm......Anyway, that Led Zep vid I found is f*cking great n'est ce pas?.....

Tis done....Enjoy!

[start update]
Bah! My bad....seems I did actually upload a dupe to YouTube, though why it took about an hour to tell me after the upload I don't uploading the correct file...also, have switched to Google Reader instead of Bloglines....not convinced yet (about 80%)...

Anyway, apparently the new camera is dispatched and should be here soon (not likely in time for Sunday) and I'm wondering what to do with Teh Chile this Sunday. Might we (finally) go to the Zoo? Might save that for when Joe's down...Shall we go to Softplay? And interact with

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Eye Apollo Guys!

Long day!

I have seen the 1st episode of the new season of Battlestar rules. I am very busy with sucks...

Here's a great episode of The Clangers...I came across it randomly, but it really struck a chord...even just watching the 1st 5 minutes or so...that robot machine is sssooooo something built by Heryumanz!

It should be more peaceful....don't "eat the planet"!


You might get some Chile pics tomorrow if you're lucky (and I clear up the Sony card...or my new camera gets delivered...ever!)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

This Is For Teh Chile!

Another wonderful day with Teh Byootifarl Wun. Despite being mega-tired the whole day was fun....Now I am exceptionally tired.

We went dancing to some gipsy-folk music, to the farm (as usual) and we played guitars and sang....and ate!

I dont make her smile...she just does :)

Soon we are moving to Saturday night stayover and whole Sundays! Yay!

See what I mean....?

On a related but different subject, I have a huge 'I told you so but kept quiet because I know you too well' thing to tell.....but I wont. Because I knew all along the outcome would be as it out it were.

What this doesn't get across is that she was dancing to Bob Dylan with those shades on!

Also...Curtaindale I hope your hanger wasn't too missed out....and each time you drive me round that corner in Hotwells you scare the eggs out of me!

View with your eyes....Teh Byootifarl Wun!

The bowl is's just that I'd put it on her head...she is SCREAMING into it!

Video now are spoilt, aren't you?
Annoying Car!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Title TBD

Long day today...and apparently Lil had a long day too, which explains her grumpy mood this evening. The first 30 mins of Dad novelty wore off and she was a right little madam. Still, at least while she screams because you wont let her hold her toothbrush you can actually get to her teeth! I did explain that to her while I was brushing them....and I let her have the brush when I was done.

Wait. Did I just call her "a little madam"...someone please shoot me now.

My day was spent in a long internal "project synchronisation" meeting. Which went fine....except...somehow most of the upcoming actions are technical...and well, I am Teh Techie One so I ended up with loads of stuff to do. All the more 'migrating stuff' actions require technical support, so I ended up with a load of those as well...and so many acronyms and so many more forms to fill......bah!

I love my job though! :)

So I'm going to be very, very busy until at least January, but that should help me combat SAD during the dark winter months; it's already dark when I leave the house in the morning.....bah!

Bet you thought I'd forgotten to take some photos, eh? Well...the new camera has been delayed by a week (some kind of stock problems....barstewards).

I'll also try and get a video of Lil doing her 'tour' of the guitars at some point....She walks to each guitar (1 x open tuned acoustic, 1 standard tuned acoustic and a bass (I showed her how to pop the strings!) in case you were wondering) and strums a bit and sings a bit, then wanders on to the next one....

Give me the f'ing phone Dad!

Oh, OK I'll take the fruit leather thing and be all cute!

I'll be experimenting with some Google Gadgets and some other stuff on the site over the next few weeks. I can't be bothered to test this site on anything other than Camino on the Mac and Firefox on Linux, Mac and Windows (gah!), so you could report any layout issues to me...but I wouldn't bother because you're in the wrong for not using any one of the aforementioned combinations.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lou Reed said it best.

Today was the most perfect day. Although no sangria was drunk in the park (well not by me fact sangria (of sorts) probably was drunk in the park today....not to mention cider)...but later when it got dark we did indeed go home. I am so glad I spent it with Flo.

Despite the showers, despite Flo almost blinding herself on a blind (oh the eye-rony)...we both (me definitely) had the most fun day ever. Sorry you don't get pics of us cuddled up on the sofa watching Camberwick Green...but you do get a nasal brocolli shot...the doctor will see you now!

Tired now, but as you've been a bit deprived of pics of's a video too.

Bonus news item...there will soon be a marked improvement of picture and video quality....I shall say no more [ahem, proper camera].


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