Sunday, October 15, 2006

You Lose

The proper camera's here tomorrow...Teh Chile slept through meeting Bark & Tarm who were busy painterising Yard_180...woke up mid 'Dad Coffee' and demanded to walk around (admired and praised by all) and then shouted at me all the way home!

No battery and having too much fun to wait around for chargers so, sorry no pics of her eating a fig. Please, instead just imagine a small child covered in fig....and the figgy chair...and the floor figgy...and the figged-up daddy...I couldn't risk photography in such a figgy situation.

Damn you father! I refuse to be photographed without sticking my hands in the way...

Bathtime was also fun as we have now developed this double act: I sit on the loo seat and pretend to jog while she sits still and shouts, then I 'hide' behind the towel while she splashes as hard as she can. When she stops splashing, I do the 'Boo!' thing and then it's repeated...until she gets bored and tries to eat the bubblebath again. We ended up with half the bathwater on the floor and called it quits, and she got extra cuddles for encouraging me to get the mop out.

There's definitely some pear in here somewhere! Dad said!

She ate: A bit of Croissant. Salmon, Moroccan Veg with CousCous & Greens for lunch. Tamari Cod with Sesame Seeds, Ratatouille, Purple Sprouting Broc & Rice for tea and in between loved a PEELED fig...almost choked on a tough-skinned grape and then scared me again with some bathwater!...ALSO about 40ml milk (non-dairy obv!)

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