Monday, October 16, 2006

F****** 'A*' M*****F*****!**

Camera is here! Sleep is evading me...

Did I mention I got it for £50? And that it now appears to be selling for £100? Steal! Or that I stuck my £15 2GB SD Card in and now have ~1900 5MP photos to hand? Plus video?..MmMmmMmm!

....then...just plugging it into the Mac, which said "Starting iPhoto, here's a new 'Roll' called 'HP Camera'...shall I just load all this with the description you give? should I like save this a bit so next time you just get a new 'Roll' each time you connect with all your new stuff, labelled appropriately?"

So. No pictures.

I felt the need to take great quality pictures of my evening: Toasting seeds, cooking rice and greens, loading up the buggy with a 15" CRT and an old mouse* for Gazatron & Cer, waiting for Gaz to bring the buggy back and thinking up shit jokes about him 'forgetting the baby'...eating, playing Animal Crossing, working a bit (admin, since you ask) and writing this...but that would be sadder than some of my sadder posts upon this blogthing which, it has to be said, is not the un-saddest thing in the world.

I am saving the quality pictures for quality content...namely Teh Chile!

Here's an old one!

* The monitor is about 5 cubic feet and weighs over 4 kilos!....buggy advised when faced with a hill!
** In case you were wondering the title is meant to be "Fucking A* Motherfucker"***/****
*** Which is meant as A 'Star' as in the new fancy way of marking exams
**** And is in reference to the arrival and aceness of the camera

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