Wednesday, October 04, 2006

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Long day today...and apparently Lil had a long day too, which explains her grumpy mood this evening. The first 30 mins of Dad novelty wore off and she was a right little madam. Still, at least while she screams because you wont let her hold her toothbrush you can actually get to her teeth! I did explain that to her while I was brushing them....and I let her have the brush when I was done.

Wait. Did I just call her "a little madam"...someone please shoot me now.

My day was spent in a long internal "project synchronisation" meeting. Which went fine....except...somehow most of the upcoming actions are technical...and well, I am Teh Techie One so I ended up with loads of stuff to do. All the more 'migrating stuff' actions require technical support, so I ended up with a load of those as well...and so many acronyms and so many more forms to fill......bah!

I love my job though! :)

So I'm going to be very, very busy until at least January, but that should help me combat SAD during the dark winter months; it's already dark when I leave the house in the morning.....bah!

Bet you thought I'd forgotten to take some photos, eh? Well...the new camera has been delayed by a week (some kind of stock problems....barstewards).

I'll also try and get a video of Lil doing her 'tour' of the guitars at some point....She walks to each guitar (1 x open tuned acoustic, 1 standard tuned acoustic and a bass (I showed her how to pop the strings!) in case you were wondering) and strums a bit and sings a bit, then wanders on to the next one....

Give me the f'ing phone Dad!

Oh, OK I'll take the fruit leather thing and be all cute!

I'll be experimenting with some Google Gadgets and some other stuff on the site over the next few weeks. I can't be bothered to test this site on anything other than Camino on the Mac and Firefox on Linux, Mac and Windows (gah!), so you could report any layout issues to me...but I wouldn't bother because you're in the wrong for not using any one of the aforementioned combinations.

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Denss said...

"1.1 Scope
As noted above, the goal of this paper is to convince you to consider using OSS/FS when you’re looking for software...."

hmmm..objectivity rulez. Well done everyone.

oh. hang on.. - he's American. all is clear now.

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