Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lou Reed said it best.

Today was the most perfect day. Although no sangria was drunk in the park (well not by me fact sangria (of sorts) probably was drunk in the park today....not to mention cider)...but later when it got dark we did indeed go home. I am so glad I spent it with Flo.

Despite the showers, despite Flo almost blinding herself on a blind (oh the eye-rony)...we both (me definitely) had the most fun day ever. Sorry you don't get pics of us cuddled up on the sofa watching Camberwick Green...but you do get a nasal brocolli shot...the doctor will see you now!

Tired now, but as you've been a bit deprived of pics of's a video too.

Bonus news item...there will soon be a marked improvement of picture and video quality....I shall say no more [ahem, proper camera].


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