Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'm Sorry

For the recent swearing...and I'm also sorry that I did not have Teh Chile this evening to take Wunderfahl Pictures of her for you...I'm sorry.

Bit of a hectic (mildy hilarious) day today involving French trainers from 3rd Parties, The Devices Team (a notoriously difficult crowd to tell anything) something I'd had nothing to do with arranging but was suddenly 'in charge' of and a massive failure of the live production platform to actually work!

Long story short, I'm practicing with the camera and you'll be able to fill your greedy eyes with Buryootiphul Baybi tomorrow. I'm sorry.

In the meantime feast your eyes on Andy Kaufman....though I'd seen Jim Carey as Kaufman in 'The Man In The Moon' and remembering a bit of 'Taxi' from back in the day, I'd never seen any of the clips of Kaufman himself as the Kaufman character in TMITM....Now I have. And I'm thinking that TMITM is the best Jim Carey film ever....he got it so very right!

There's loads more here.

And to think I only started using YouTube as a convenient place to stick Flo vids...wait a minute...I did a similar thing with GMail (easy integration with home applications) then GooglePages (easy to create and host sites for other people)...and GCal (integration with iCal)...and then they buy YouTube; I sense a [non-existent] conspiracy...they're following me!

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