Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wha' EVAR++

UPDATE! Please scroll down....

Um. No pics I'm afraid...I forgot until about 2 mins before Flo had to go home to bed and the one shot I got she grabbed at the phone (yes, the new camera has still not arrived) and all I got was a blurry shot of what is apparently both hands reaching for the lens...and nothing else.

So, to placate your ire I am seeing if I can upload an older (good quality) vid of Ma (Granny Jan to you lot) playing 'Faerie Cloth' with Lil ages ago. A game which is still enjoyed's amazing how much she's grown! Lil that is, not Granny Jan. We'll find out if that upload worked in a sentence or two....PooTube just had a 1.6 Billion dollar buyout from Teh Goog, so personally I'd be out on the biggest bender* of all time!!!...not helping idiots upload their self-promoting crap ;-)
* Link courtesy of Google "I'm Feeling Lucky" Button

I've hit upon a handy 'rapid sitch explanation' method...try this for size:

  • Work = Busy, exasperating, just me and Teh Boss Man in today (and yes, we did play Animal Crossing on our DS's at lunchtime for a bit).
  • Flat = Fine thanks, but still looking around casually to see if I could ever afford to buy something...ever...anywhere....surely...secretly (spesh now Dad's retired-ish) I'm hoping for a huge collapse in house prices (sorry JP) with no corresponding hardship to the work sitch. Though apparently I can afford an acre of woodland 20 miles outside Brizzle...anyone got a tent? And a car?
  • Mood = Cool. Seem to be coping with the onset of SAD...I think it's Teh Byootifarl Chile that does it.
  • Beard = On the way back....?
  • Hair = Jesus...feckin' Kerreyest! What do I do with it now?
Not bad eh? Now, let's see if that upload to PooTube worked...Hmmm...slow...must type more crap...

I have The Black Hole to watch/burn this evening and I can also hear fireworks for the first time since January...they start early round here & it often develops into running street battles between gangs of yute with rockets huh?

Babel (man I hate MySpace, sorry Chris) gig on Friday night, which should be ace as Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grubb ('Tom' is so much easier to type, and to read) is down for the weekend...Finally, Joe is coming back at the weekend. To the country that is, not necessarily Briz...apparently he has a cast of a huge tiger footprint (which is teh big? you decide: cast / tiger / footprint) and a photo of the dude that made it for Flo...will be great to see you again Brah!

Hmmmm......Anyway, that Led Zep vid I found is f*cking great n'est ce pas?.....

Tis done....Enjoy!

[start update]
Bah! My bad....seems I did actually upload a dupe to YouTube, though why it took about an hour to tell me after the upload I don't uploading the correct file...also, have switched to Google Reader instead of Bloglines....not convinced yet (about 80%)...

Anyway, apparently the new camera is dispatched and should be here soon (not likely in time for Sunday) and I'm wondering what to do with Teh Chile this Sunday. Might we (finally) go to the Zoo? Might save that for when Joe's down...Shall we go to Softplay? And interact with

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