Sunday, October 22, 2006


Well that was a doddle...Chile made it ultra-easy on me and with Teh Granps down (sorry, i mean: Granny Jan & Grandad) there was never likely to be a problem...and I even got 40 winks (if wink == minute) while Teh Chile had her morning nap.

All in all a wonderful evening and day...she is now back with Mumma until Wednesday night...missing her already!

Clickety-click for the large pics as always.

Breakfast 2: The 1st was 'puddo rice' with dried fruit...this is puffed-corn crisps...Organic natch.

Andy 'Wan' tha' wun' Pipkin

Earlier than normal trip to the park (like 3 hours earlier than normal)

Finding Robots with Teh Granps!

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