Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy F*****g New Year!

So. Yule has passed. I got way better presents than I now I feel mean. Had a great time at home, yadda yadda...Back to Briz to see Teh Byootifarl Chile and Missman.

All is well. I just hope that between them and 'life' I can get enough sleep!

Speaking of which, I'm going to wake Flomo up for the fireworks at midnight...after all she did wee on me while we were reading a bedtime story!

Oh and you've not had video for a while so try this for size...

Friday, December 22, 2006

So long for now...

Probably the last post of the year as I'm off to the parents for Yuletime feastings...I'm thinking of a new look when I come back!

Had a really wonderful afternoon/night out yesterday, though my camera is truly crap in low light...and I'm not exactly a skilled photographer. All hail Missman!

Here's a bunch of photos from the past week...See you in the New Year I have no doubt!

Notice the ingenious art studio setup!

I poke you in the nose Daddy!

She's in my heart everyday, why not stick her in a box for a bit?

Monday, December 18, 2006

Guri 1 : World 0

Morning. Day one (proper) of my Yuletide holiday...and boy has it started well.

  • Flo was gorgeous yesterday despite a cough & sniffles.
  • I taught her to "Jump"*
  • Pink Velvet 'Loons!!
  • I'm going here on Thursday...been wanting to go for ages.
  • The fire alarm has finally been fixed (though this means I'm paying rent again).
  • I built a robot...called Brinner. It's a seasonal gag....laugh, damn you!
  • Pints & snogs last night. ;-)
  • Early payday for Christmas.
  • Extra Flotime this week!
There's probably some more, but I'm off to the Farm caff for a fry-up...You can marvel at the Byootifarl Chile in her pink velvet 'loons. Sorry I forgot to take the camera to the park....I'll try to remember on Wednesday, and maybe some tree-based photos on Thursday.


* Her feet don't leave the ground or anything but as far as she's concerned every other bit of her body has's very cute.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I Am A Sleepy Robotician

I'm feeling self-conscious because I've heard I've got a new reader.

I'm also feeling lazy...she's sleeping (just now) and I'm making a'm trying to think of something nice to do with Flo tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sweet Corn

I debated over "Corny Cob", "Corny but Sweet", "You'll take my cob from my cold, dead hand!"...then plumped for the above. Whatever.

So. Work is kinda interesting at the moment; lots of people huffin' & puffin' about the 'no payrise' thing, how crap the 'present' was this year (bottle of Bucks Fizz, 4 baloons, some toys, some retro sweets, Santa hat (or antlers), and a SIM reader (probably those unsold in the shops)...or a pen!). Admittedly shite, but why expect anything?! More amusingly, Teh Numpty Tw@s have installed all my new servers (needed ASAP) in the wrong environment. Nobody can quite believe this...but at the same time everyone says it's typical.

Performance review...OK...finding out how much I could earn if I sold my soul to the devil (not that I believe in either of those concepts, hence the lower case...and implied irony)...sucked.

Nightmare journey home! The 1st 200 yards took 1 hour, which is usually the whole journey...then I had to walk about a mile because the traffic was so slow it was quicker! Luckily there is a pretty much vertical shortcut towards the end of the march...I'll take a picture next time because you basically have half of Bristol spread before you and it looks top!

Rant's the whole reason I started this sorry excuse for a post...

Man, does she love corn on the cob!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

L'ill Communication

This hat will save me from Daddy's fiendish computer network!

Ill Lil....the 1st projectile vom in 8 months!

I don't care if you want me to put it on 'correctly'; Windy Miller is getting pissed on homebrew!

Luckily, Granny and Grandad were here and brought a lion hat!

Last night and early this morning was fun, but today she needed lots of cuddles...once her stomach was calmer and she was settled in the crook of my arm..we both snoozed with Japanese cartoons* on in the background.

* You can only watch Oliver Postgate stuff for so was Studio Ghibli as I remember, though we both slept through it...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bucket o' Ducks

Busy busy day today...busy tomorrow, busy Friday, busy Saturday!


She had a late sleep this afternoon, so once she'd roused herself we were running round like loons!, I have never seen Teh Chile eat a bigger dinner than this evening! Haddock Cakes (she ate mine too), Rice & Greens (shoved in by the handful) with a couple of dried cherries for desert.

Just woken up...just standing in the living room, swaying...zoned.

She has only just gone to bed and is singing to herself...and making the odd cockerel noise.


Monday, December 04, 2006

Wind and Rain...

Most of the weekend (and today on my bleedin' holiday), but Sunday was sunny.

Bumbled about with Flo, and then with Flo & Joe, and then with Tola Flo & Joe....I will abide by their protestations that they hate having photos taken and save them for Flo to look at.

You can look at Teh Chile and her new pageboy style blurry (sorry)!
Flomo Flomo again Thrice Flomo

Surface Mount Soldering!!?! WTF?

There's some tricky shizzle coming up on "Project Camera".

Saturday, December 02, 2006



Joe phoned to say they'd arrived in Bristol and were in a supermarket, what was I planning for tomorrow? Turns out they were in the shop 5 minutes from me. So Uncle Joe, Tola and Julia popped in for a cup of tea and a play with Flo while I cooked her dinner...I was too flustered to get pics...tomorrow.

Given how absolutely kackered she was, she was admirable. Didn't bat an eyelid at 'strangers' (will have to do something about that...not the not-eyelid-batting; the Joe = stranger thing), played with them happily, refused to say 'Shoes' (her 1st properly pronounced, contextually used word?)...and generally confused Joe.

My goodness my flat is small. The toys strewn everywhere doesn't help, but 4 people in my (well, 5 with Flo) tiny little kingdom is the absolute max....unless I start befriending midgets of course.

Joe also brought the new kit for the "Cheap and Stealthy Animal Capture Cam". I am so impressed...sure there's 4 or 5 things to solder up and there'll have to be some tweaking to position the PIR correctly for the lens & focus...and it will need some adjustments for infrared capture...and also a solar recharging circuit to add..but the price, which works out at about £15 without delivery is great (though the delivery is apparently not) the uber-tricked-out version will still be less than £30!

Capacitor, PIR, Battery box, Junction Board, Camera Board....yay!

Huh, you don't look impressed enough!

Here's what you really want...

Watchoo talkin' 'bout Willis?

Friday, December 01, 2006

South Park

Go here to make your own.



The Berber!

Teh Byootifarl Chile!

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