Monday, December 18, 2006

Guri 1 : World 0

Morning. Day one (proper) of my Yuletide holiday...and boy has it started well.

  • Flo was gorgeous yesterday despite a cough & sniffles.
  • I taught her to "Jump"*
  • Pink Velvet 'Loons!!
  • I'm going here on Thursday...been wanting to go for ages.
  • The fire alarm has finally been fixed (though this means I'm paying rent again).
  • I built a robot...called Brinner. It's a seasonal gag....laugh, damn you!
  • Pints & snogs last night. ;-)
  • Early payday for Christmas.
  • Extra Flotime this week!
There's probably some more, but I'm off to the Farm caff for a fry-up...You can marvel at the Byootifarl Chile in her pink velvet 'loons. Sorry I forgot to take the camera to the park....I'll try to remember on Wednesday, and maybe some tree-based photos on Thursday.


* Her feet don't leave the ground or anything but as far as she's concerned every other bit of her body has's very cute.

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