Saturday, December 02, 2006



Joe phoned to say they'd arrived in Bristol and were in a supermarket, what was I planning for tomorrow? Turns out they were in the shop 5 minutes from me. So Uncle Joe, Tola and Julia popped in for a cup of tea and a play with Flo while I cooked her dinner...I was too flustered to get pics...tomorrow.

Given how absolutely kackered she was, she was admirable. Didn't bat an eyelid at 'strangers' (will have to do something about that...not the not-eyelid-batting; the Joe = stranger thing), played with them happily, refused to say 'Shoes' (her 1st properly pronounced, contextually used word?)...and generally confused Joe.

My goodness my flat is small. The toys strewn everywhere doesn't help, but 4 people in my (well, 5 with Flo) tiny little kingdom is the absolute max....unless I start befriending midgets of course.

Joe also brought the new kit for the "Cheap and Stealthy Animal Capture Cam". I am so impressed...sure there's 4 or 5 things to solder up and there'll have to be some tweaking to position the PIR correctly for the lens & focus...and it will need some adjustments for infrared capture...and also a solar recharging circuit to add..but the price, which works out at about £15 without delivery is great (though the delivery is apparently not) the uber-tricked-out version will still be less than £30!

Capacitor, PIR, Battery box, Junction Board, Camera Board....yay!

Huh, you don't look impressed enough!

Here's what you really want...

Watchoo talkin' 'bout Willis?

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