Monday, September 29, 2008

Dis Mask Is a Very Roary Mask


Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Supposedly Good Thing I'll Never Do Again

Awesome Book!

Hard to read...

There is nothing more annoying than a laptop with a tricky wifi configuration. Well, there might be but I'll come to that in a moment.

So. AAO (as the new mini-laptop is appropriately named) is now fine. Ish. A bit of jiggery hackery enabled me to move the filesystem from EXT3 to EXT2 (try doing NTFS->FAT32 in windoze!) with a small amount of hassle. There do seem to be some issues with madwifif drivers vs the kernel drivers, so I may upgrade the whole thing to 8.1 (kernel's updated a fair bit in that release) and deal with the many many updates to come.

I think the SSD will be cool with it. If not...then i will get the soldering iron and screwdrivers out and force it to submit to 120G PATA!

I did manage to get "Cheese" on it though...look!

Everything is pretty sorted apart from that wireless issue. Boot is ~50 seconds compared to ~30 seconds, but disk space is better for sure. I've yet to do a proper comparison of "df -hT" on the OOB linpus (I think it was 56% disk used), my "optimised" config (~48%), default ubuntu (~33%), and a "i'm completely happy with that" install (looking at about ~40% so far). Everything is snappy...I've not gone mental with the compiz settings yet and I probably wont. SD cards are working...

Flo had a proper mental on me today!

Having refused to use any other transport than the buggy to get to the farm, which let's face it is not exactly _far_, refused to look at any animal other than the ducks (who were asleep), shouting at aforementioned ducks until they quacked uncontrollably, demanded to see the animals she'd refused to even look at (hands over eyes) until this point, and being allowed to run around with a small boy telling him "you are the pirate and i am prince atchitaka" (which, did actually look like a lot of fun for both of them). Flo asked for some cheesy-brocoli for her lunch.

It was her choice.

Her decision.

I had _no_ influence on it. We went to the farm cafe...they had cheesy brocolli.

When it turned up, would she eat anything?

Would she fuck!

After 30 minutes of her looking at me through her hair (like some kind of emo teenager!) while I ate my burger (they are very very good!) and not answering me, I lost it and told her that if she wasn't going to even try to eat one mouthful then I would eat it all and then I would explode.

I managed to get one forkful of broc+cauli gratin towards my mouth before floods of tears and wails of woe!!

Flo: You-hoo-hoo ate-ate-ate my lu-luhu-luhuhuhu-lun-ch-chh!!
Me: But you didn't want it and mummy told me you had a big breakfast, so I figured it was OK.
Flo: But, i didn't want that!
Me: But you _asked_ for brocolli!
Flo: But I'm sad!
Me: OK. Let's go


Friday, September 26, 2008


Why thank you Korg...I think I will buy have bought you!



Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mr Hill

Oh wait...non-journaled. Bah...filesystems. Everything except rapid, small file file tingamaduda where you want MurderFS (As I now think of Reiser) should be journaled...except where you have an SSD....anyway EXT2...meh

Also, dropping your only USB CD drive on the floor while it contains the only working boot disq for 8.04.1 version of ubuntunudebiamthing and yer mac-mini refusing to give up the (assumed) blank CD in its drive...that sucks too.

Oh. You wanted some photos...sorry bout that...

Fig. 1: Awesome is nearby!

I've been laughing about the title to this post for at least a have to know why to know why...i know.

Dear Little AAO

Last night I raped you with Ubuntu.
I am not sorry.
You don't boot quite so fast.
But at least I have a bit more control over you.
Thanks for that.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend (Slight Return)


Fed (on little fisheez)!




Sunday, September 21, 2008


Pictures later...

Flo: Can I go in the fountains daddy?
Me: Errr. yeah...not these ones though, the one round the corner.
Flo: Eeeeheeeheeheehehhehehh. I said you could and you let me!!
Me: Well we were going there anyway...Let's go.
Flo: Cos that's how we roll! (rolls on floor)

Me: Look! There's the tiny new gorilla...
Flo: Pick me up!
Me: You are up. On my shoulders...look, the new baby gorilla...he's playing!!
Flo: Pick. Me. Up!
Me: You're as high as you can go!
Flo: Pick (blub). Me (wah). Up!!!!
Me: Ice cream?
Flo: yeehe hee heeaa ugh hugh yeag hoor eh eh h...heee hee he heee!

We went to find the golden-lion-tamarind-monkeys...

Much love to Buckle for being "he blows bubbles!" and H, who's now her fave person in the world for handing out ice cubes! Good luck to Esmae's poorly foot...

_I_ am Ben fucking 10!*

You...can be cousin!**

*or Prince can choose
** I have no idea what this is about!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Pic nicked (heh) from tek ;)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Have Geek Will Travel

Thanks to Rosie for the pix.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bramble On!

This might get a bit random...I'm sort of writing this post in bits as I tidy up and get myself sorted out for the week. Plus, I'm feeling a bit fragmented anyway.

So. #1, the Acer's pretty much sorted. I'm happy enough with the following: gthumb for photo management (gimp for heavy editing), VLC for video playback, Audacious (a WinAmp clone I've used in the past) for music, Stellarium for geeking at the heavens, XChat for IRC (getting and giving tips/advice), VNC to remote control the mac/tv....Doom (I've yet to figure out what's up with Quake3) and various kid games...yadda yadda yadda. I'm more than chuffed. It roolz!

And it proved a talking point today also.

I should explain. Today was the belated joint celebration of Roise and Uncle Laur's birthdays. A huge portion of the "Rosie-side" of the family (as | think of it) and I went for lunch in a lovely pub just outside Bristol. This involved: Ian (Grandad3 as I, perhaps unkindly, think of him), Uncle Laur and girlfriend Logs, Flo and me in one car + Rose, Es, Baboo and Rose's boyfriend in another and Great Aunt Kathleen (she'll hate being called that I imagine) on her bike.

It was a really lovely afternoon, despite the uppity waitress with our puddings, the strange "sauce tray waitress" who would/could not leave her sauces unattended and the occasional piercing wail from Flo whenever something completely harmless (but obviously truly devastating in her mind) happened. Viz: falling over a molehill, someone bursting a balloon etc....the pub had a lovely garden and all the kids seem to mingle well. Most of the time. Well, sometimes....

The adults where basically completely unorganised. I mean that in a nice way....There were also about 6 billion digital cameras knocking around and all in almost constant use. I kept my 8 MegaPixel phone quiet (and also the 5 Meg samsung) and took a quiet shot of Flo singing a song about her balloon (which she later demanded to "pop by jumping"). Kids are fucking weird!

We went for an unexpectedly muddy walk for the rest of the afternoon and got occasionally brambled to boot.

Yesterday, Flo and I went for trip on the little train and stopped at "the caffffff" for a juice and a biscuit before going to the museum for a while and then having a (very delicious) pizza. She spent a lot of time on my shoulders being "Prince Atchitaka riding Hearku" because her new shoes were rubbing a bit. Apparently, when I am Hearku I am not allowed to talk or neigh. That said, my random neighing had been freaking out other passers-by....

I bask in my non-nuclear family...wait, does that mean it's particle physics again? If so, I'm teh can be a strange quark.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Tiny Ginger Lepton Avoider

Heh. Beat that for an event that was never going to live up to the idiot-hype!

I am anxious to hear how Flo feels about particle physics after her declaration the other day.

While demonstrating teh awesome device, some friends and I happened upon exactly why (with particle physics) you do the -1 and then divide....took 3 laymen, but we sorted it: uncertainty!

I'm off to play ukulele!

Wherein Granny Jan finds my ulterior motive behind the birthday present for Flo!

Pussy Printer

It's not moshi, though it does look a bit like her....if I know moshi though, she would do exactly the same.

This morning, at 5am, she jumped on the bed, purred for a bit and then bit my nose.

Monday, September 08, 2008

The Cat Bitch Tramp Trip

No, I couldn't come up with a betterest post title either. This is a geek/life/cat/child/work related post, brought to you by...teh satan stanzarizer!*

3 [three] pomes [drivel]!!!

Part 1 - The Geek Bitch
O little acer
I apologise for unintentionally
Giving you a metaphorical
Dirty Sanchez.
I appreciate now why you stopped booting;
It was inappropriate of me to expect so much.
Sorry about that.

Thanks, though,
For being so easy to recover
And giving a few people a laugh
Just because I'd "bricked" something within hours.
Nor, did you fsck me over like that triple-boot
I attempted
On someone else's machine.

Maybe I _will_ take you to belgium after all!

BTW. Moshi, why the fuck
Can't I put anything
On any
Surface in my own
House without you knocking it to the floor?
viz. _4_ glasses, 2 _not_ empty coffee cups, countless hair-band-things and a FUCKING KETTLE!

Part 2 - Trip
Brussels & back in a day.
4:30 start and home 18 hours later.
If all goes well.

Part 3 - Tramp
Can I go bounce now daddy?
Sssssaaaaank Yoooouuuuu.....eeeeheeeheeeheehehee!!!!
Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce Bounce. Bounce Bounce. Bounce Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce, Bounce. Bounce, Bounce. Bounce....
Nukkatmeeee Daddeeee!!!

[bow like a prince] thank you [/bow]

*Coffee and a sudden hatred of myself for loving algebra!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Acer of Spades

Yay! Acer arrived...less than a minute to get it into "advanced mode" and now boasting VLC, Skype, Flash, yadda teh fuckin' yadda...all that shizzle's on my nizzle!

Boot-time (~20 seconds), lightness, size and SDHC are rockin' my boots....though I'd still not recommend it for an ultra-n00b....also features a 1 week delay due to Dixons being a bunch of useless fucking wankers, and an extra day thanks to the stupid-as-fuck couriers. If I'd not bothered looking and then complaining it still wouldn't be here!

Whining about that has saved me £35 quid, so in retrospect: I could have had it 2 weeks ago and paid £250 including the cards....or, as it is, £185 including the cards...meh...

Flo, on the other hand has already sussed teh bubble game! But the "tramboleen" is still winning...


Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Oh Acer will you arrive on Friday?
The scheduled day
I need you in order to deprive
Bill Gates
Of His joy
And with a ~15 second boot-time I will love you
I will worship at thy linux fount.
I will hack the fuck out of you also...

You will never be perfect; nothing is
But it shits on the Sony Vaio
The Idiot just bought
For too much money
And is probably botnetted...

Back To The Future

Some video & a pic by Granny Jan & Grandad from back in the day...well the visit before last at least. I wont put any of the (last) Christmas ones up, mainly coz they feature me in full-on bad hair/beard mode...and also cos I don't know if Joe & T want their faces on teh intertubes...also they're quite sizable...also, I'm lazy.



Monday, September 01, 2008


Given the enjoyment enjoyed (?) by Flo on the trampoline last's the mini-version I got for her birthday. I suspect that she'll shit herself when she sees it.

In a good way.

I spent most of the weekend resisting the urge to spoil the surprise by putting it together there and then. Probably just as well I did. I put it together on Sunday night after Flo had gone back to Rosie's...much swearing, sweating and straining later I'd only cut myself 4 times.

Seaside. Flo spent several hours being "Hearku runnin' in the sea"

Princess of Power!

And...Happy Birthday Ma!

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