Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Acer of Spades

Yay! Acer arrived...less than a minute to get it into "advanced mode" and now boasting VLC, Skype, Flash, yadda teh fuckin' yadda...all that shizzle's on my nizzle!

Boot-time (~20 seconds), lightness, size and SDHC are rockin' my boots....though I'd still not recommend it for an ultra-n00b....also features a 1 week delay due to Dixons being a bunch of useless fucking wankers, and an extra day thanks to the stupid-as-fuck couriers. If I'd not bothered looking and then complaining it still wouldn't be here!

Whining about that has saved me £35 quid, so in retrospect: I could have had it 2 weeks ago and paid £250 including the cards....or, as it is, £185 including the cards...meh...

Flo, on the other hand has already sussed teh bubble game! But the "tramboleen" is still winning...


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