Sunday, September 21, 2008


Pictures later...

Flo: Can I go in the fountains daddy?
Me: Errr. yeah...not these ones though, the one round the corner.
Flo: Eeeeheeeheeheehehhehehh. I said you could and you let me!!
Me: Well we were going there anyway...Let's go.
Flo: Cos that's how we roll! (rolls on floor)

Me: Look! There's the tiny new gorilla...
Flo: Pick me up!
Me: You are up. On my shoulders...look, the new baby gorilla...he's playing!!
Flo: Pick. Me. Up!
Me: You're as high as you can go!
Flo: Pick (blub). Me (wah). Up!!!!
Me: Ice cream?
Flo: yeehe hee heeaa ugh hugh yeag hoor eh eh h...heee hee he heee!

We went to find the golden-lion-tamarind-monkeys...

Much love to Buckle for being "he blows bubbles!" and H, who's now her fave person in the world for handing out ice cubes! Good luck to Esmae's poorly foot...

_I_ am Ben fucking 10!*

You...can be cousin!**

*or Prince can choose
** I have no idea what this is about!

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