Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Supposedly Good Thing I'll Never Do Again

Awesome Book!

Hard to read...

There is nothing more annoying than a laptop with a tricky wifi configuration. Well, there might be but I'll come to that in a moment.

So. AAO (as the new mini-laptop is appropriately named) is now fine. Ish. A bit of jiggery hackery enabled me to move the filesystem from EXT3 to EXT2 (try doing NTFS->FAT32 in windoze!) with a small amount of hassle. There do seem to be some issues with madwifif drivers vs the kernel drivers, so I may upgrade the whole thing to 8.1 (kernel's updated a fair bit in that release) and deal with the many many updates to come.

I think the SSD will be cool with it. If not...then i will get the soldering iron and screwdrivers out and force it to submit to 120G PATA!

I did manage to get "Cheese" on it though...look!

Everything is pretty sorted apart from that wireless issue. Boot is ~50 seconds compared to ~30 seconds, but disk space is better for sure. I've yet to do a proper comparison of "df -hT" on the OOB linpus (I think it was 56% disk used), my "optimised" config (~48%), default ubuntu (~33%), and a "i'm completely happy with that" install (looking at about ~40% so far). Everything is snappy...I've not gone mental with the compiz settings yet and I probably wont. SD cards are working...

Flo had a proper mental on me today!

Having refused to use any other transport than the buggy to get to the farm, which let's face it is not exactly _far_, refused to look at any animal other than the ducks (who were asleep), shouting at aforementioned ducks until they quacked uncontrollably, demanded to see the animals she'd refused to even look at (hands over eyes) until this point, and being allowed to run around with a small boy telling him "you are the pirate and i am prince atchitaka" (which, did actually look like a lot of fun for both of them). Flo asked for some cheesy-brocoli for her lunch.

It was her choice.

Her decision.

I had _no_ influence on it. We went to the farm cafe...they had cheesy brocolli.

When it turned up, would she eat anything?

Would she fuck!

After 30 minutes of her looking at me through her hair (like some kind of emo teenager!) while I ate my burger (they are very very good!) and not answering me, I lost it and told her that if she wasn't going to even try to eat one mouthful then I would eat it all and then I would explode.

I managed to get one forkful of broc+cauli gratin towards my mouth before floods of tears and wails of woe!!

Flo: You-hoo-hoo ate-ate-ate my lu-luhu-luhuhuhu-lun-ch-chh!!
Me: But you didn't want it and mummy told me you had a big breakfast, so I figured it was OK.
Flo: But, i didn't want that!
Me: But you _asked_ for brocolli!
Flo: But I'm sad!
Me: OK. Let's go


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