Monday, September 08, 2008

The Cat Bitch Tramp Trip

No, I couldn't come up with a betterest post title either. This is a geek/life/cat/child/work related post, brought to you by...teh satan stanzarizer!*

3 [three] pomes [drivel]!!!

Part 1 - The Geek Bitch
O little acer
I apologise for unintentionally
Giving you a metaphorical
Dirty Sanchez.
I appreciate now why you stopped booting;
It was inappropriate of me to expect so much.
Sorry about that.

Thanks, though,
For being so easy to recover
And giving a few people a laugh
Just because I'd "bricked" something within hours.
Nor, did you fsck me over like that triple-boot
I attempted
On someone else's machine.

Maybe I _will_ take you to belgium after all!

BTW. Moshi, why the fuck
Can't I put anything
On any
Surface in my own
House without you knocking it to the floor?
viz. _4_ glasses, 2 _not_ empty coffee cups, countless hair-band-things and a FUCKING KETTLE!

Part 2 - Trip
Brussels & back in a day.
4:30 start and home 18 hours later.
If all goes well.

Part 3 - Tramp
Can I go bounce now daddy?
Sssssaaaaank Yoooouuuuu.....eeeeheeeheeeheehehee!!!!
Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce Bounce. Bounce Bounce. Bounce Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce, Bounce. Bounce, Bounce. Bounce....
Nukkatmeeee Daddeeee!!!

[bow like a prince] thank you [/bow]

*Coffee and a sudden hatred of myself for loving algebra!

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jane said...

Great post! Don't worry we all have days like that and at least blogging can allow you to vent creatively

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