Friday, January 27, 2006

Not Nick Ovel

How does one cut the rearward hair on ones head?

Putting it in a ponytail and just chopping "some" (for a given length of some = N - Ideal length + Poor eyesight / scissors + left-handedness) off has resulted in the wierdest mullet ever! No business in the front whatsoever, with a party in the back and the sides...well, a great big ginger party all round....especially in back.

Nick Ovel


Can someone please give me a "do"?

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Nick Ovel

Nick Ovel here...
Nick Ovel
just FYI ;)

In non-Nick Ovel related news....

...I've got a 3GP video (that's Mobile phone compatible video to you) here too which I'll try to get posted somehow....

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Strangely Addictive Online Old Skool Game!

Well, not quite. Pretty much like the original though....and as it says, pretty addictive.

I likey!


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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


That's what it says in Outlook when I'm Working From Home...and this morning my diary didn't say that. Now it does. Bad hair day, and only e and Mags in the Orifice so I elected to work from home. Please note, this is not the same as skiving!

I am working! And my brain do hurt thereby...

However, on the plus side I've been listening to Devendra Banhart, something I've not had a chance to do properly yet...It's a byootifarl album and a little odd too. I must stick it on the phone...

Speaking of byootifarl things. I took a 30 minute coffee break with Lil this morning. Who's still got a rumbley chest, but was pretty happy playing with her best toy and hanging out with dad for a bit :)

I also reckon that pic of me below that I posted lasy night bears a passing resemblance to this man...well, a bit....and well, he's dead...

...and yeah, OK, he's not a ginger...

And I don't think Lil will be either...

Monday, January 23, 2006

I am Cousin IT!

Took me a while to post properly cos I've been Sad Sad Sad....but still...there's Lil...

And here is teh byootifarl chile!

If I could've got this next one just right....small-style it looks pretty good (colour-wise, etc), just don't look too close...bit blurry in the wrong places.

Hey-up to "Buck" (no Uncle Buck jokes) and "helpful Auntie Char" (not wicked at all). Lil managed to smile for a bit, but coughing and tears (and screaming to break my heart) took over...hopefully better soon, but definitely not happy right now :(

Oh yeh, teh IT Monster.


Friday, January 20, 2006

Fast Booting Windows XP

Just what it says. I wouldn't recommend it if you want something "secure".

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sonically Sorted!

Busy, busy, busy at work at the moment...been in Paris earlier this week (much easier trip than Lyon, let me tell you!) and flat out since then as we're ramping up to tell the various countries what we've got in store with regards to Device Management in a week or two....yawn.

So. Unfortunately that means I miss my Lil time this evening as I have to get a presentation sorted...managed by the skin of my teeth to get out of going to London tomorrow. Turned out the meeting was only for 30 minutes!

Oh yeh. I got one of these today. FOTA capable too! Which means nothing to you, but a hell of a lot for me workwise...but...and this is a good "but" (as it were)...It's not only ace looking...great currently playing me 256Kbps MP3 with "Mega Bass"'s proverbial headphone "buds"'s got a 512MB card.


Which means I now have 1GB of tunerama "dans ma poche" as they say in France!

And I got a great Super Furry Animals DVD the other day.

My ears are happy!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Kwik Pix

Sleeping with the new throw from M&D!

Lil loves the buggy!

Never had a more comfortable ride!

But is this art?, it's a train!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Kerr Wiki

Just a quick one to say how much I love my family.

Sometimes, it's just nice to say: I LOVE YOU.

And I do; all of them!

However, M&D deserve a special mention for pretty much everything ever. Joe gets one for mashing up my work-brain with Zoology ideas. Nicky, Steve, Andrew & Rory get one for the *super buggy* and the *mega bag*...and Lil gets one for being....Lil!

I was hoping to post a pic or two of Li l sleeping with the new super-soft-warm throw, but I'm having some config problems after the last France trip.

More Monday....latest.


Thursday, January 12, 2006


Stands for: International Travel Trauma.

Something I suffered to work at 8 am. Worked until 12. Got the work bus to Temple Meads station. Caught the train to Birmingham. Got delayed by 30 minutes. Not too bad so far. Rushed across Birmingham to the airport (on another 2 trains, well one train and a "shuttle"). I now have 1 hour hanging around, with very little money. I bought a book....Just as well.

Flight supposed to leave at 17:20. At 17:00 they announced "More information at 17:20"....17:20 comes and goes. No info. 17:40's announcement is "Delayed". Flight finally leaves at 18:30. This is bad news (but not a disaster) as I have another 2 hours to get to the hotel once in Lyon.

Get to Lyon. It's foggy. And I mean FOGGY!!! Visibility is about 1 metre...bear in mind at this point that I have 0 Euro (that's Zero!)...and about 16 quid left on my credit card. Managed, by the skin of my teeth (and some judicious lying while pretending not to speak French), to get the last bus from the airport to Lyon. But what's this?.....where the hell am I going once I get there....where in the name of god is the hotel compared to the station?

Quick phone call to M&D resulted in minor confusion as my map was th other way round to the world...It was helpfully printed upside down! It's now about 22:00 (french time, 21:00 GMT)...the tram station is closing.....get the final tram back across the river for one stop....ask a passing p!sshead "Ou est rue de Marseille"...get some unintelligible response involving various grunts and the phrase "tabac" the distance I can see a Tabac....I head towards it.

GOAL! Rue de Marseille.....a few minutes later and I finally get to my hotel.


I am not doing this again :)

I was yawning too babe!

Monday, January 09, 2006

You'll have to speak up...!

So. At lunch today (by which I mean eating a sandwich at my desk), I came across the letter with the results of my biopsy (see various posts below), and it turns out it was not an "egina" as I first posted (which, frankly sounds a bit rude anyway) but an "haemangioma" (that took 3 attempts to type) I looked it up on t'internewt and it turns out that what I had is pretty much the same thing as what usually causes a "Strawberry" birthmark. Wierd!

While we're on the medical thing (and hence the title of this post), for years now I've often moaned that the hearing in my right ear is worse than that in my left. After the operation last month I had the ol' "water in the ear" sound for a day or so and when I mentioned this to the quack (OK Surgeon/Consultant) he said it might be some blood from minor internal bleeding during the op and that anyway I should get my ears looked at. I remember Buck-Bader & Gazatron doing this about a year ago, spending a week or two dripping Olive Oil into their ears in order to ease the pain when getting it done at the doc's. Personally, I've been blaming "snare ear", a phrase Al and I came up with while playing in Gravity Hill (later Crashland....and what's this? OMFG! Scroll down to the "Another Cast or Crashland...." bit of the text there and weep! How dare they compare Cast to the best band ever to come from Bristol (or thereabouts))...largely thanks to Chidsy's "hit it hard" philosophy and a completely unwarranted love for his piccolo snare (I blame the Manic Street Preachers for that)! Al developed tinnitus not long after and while I don't think mine is that bad, it's annoying.

So....yes. I'm off to the doctor again (actually just a nurse this time) when I get back from Lyon (which has now developed into: Bristol -> Birmingham -> Lyon -> Paris -> Bristol or something similar and involves trains as well as planes for flips sake).

However, I have also considered "self-medication" using this treatment as an option...anyone got one I can use?

[and no, I don't remember where I found the link to that...]

I have to lie down and think about that whole Cast/Crashland thing!

Oh...afore I forget

And finally....dunno if you remember me being on "Teh Radio 4"
but I just found the transcript [scroll down to the "LEWIS: Okay, well thanks for that e-mail fromRosemary. And let’s move on now to Ben who’s calling us from hismobile. Ben, your question?" and laugh]

It's as bad as I remember!


Sunday, January 08, 2006

Cold (and not just the weather)

Lil has a bit of a cold, so we didn't quite make it through the full (new) 3 hour session today...nearly, but not quite. However, apart from 5 minutes of crying which precipitated a quick walk to the farm (cut short by precipitation spookily), we had a wonderful time. I built her a nest out of my bedding...

Obviously, clicky-clicky as usual to get the full size image :)

Next week we hope to meet Berntang, Bucky and some others....somewhere....

Off to Lyons this week for work for a couple of days, so I miss my Thursday session...I guess this is just the way of the new job :/

Nearly finished painting in the living room. Now all I need to do is tidy up and arrange stuff so that there's room for the new sofa (bed) and the uber-buggy that Nicki gave me (cheers Nic!)

Thursday, January 05, 2006


If you (and I) are lucky, I've managed to update this post later with the (very short) video of Lil "Cycling"...This is a new behaviour exhibited recently if she does not want to lay down, by which I mean she wants to be picked up, not lay down. A bit cruel I guess to make her do it...but is that not part of the wonder of a baby? Making them bend to your will?

Giant Hand....Tiny Baby!

She is also chewing: her hands, my hands...and dribbling. Also (and I get scared about this) she has stopped making any kind of noise at all!!! It's very strange...the best I got today was a couple of hiccups and some heavy breathing! Given that I may not sort this video link out; here's something else...

My Window View - in daytime ;)

Re-reading that first paragraph it sounds like I'm doing bad things to Lil's body/brain/psyche. I promise I am not! It's just a bit when I put Sooty in the "orange net", or Dill up my jumper...but not.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Crappy Photos

Yo. Welcome to 06 baby!

So the Motorola SLVR Blade (don't to say it is thin, shiny and black) takes crappy quality photos....or maybe it was the poor light...anyway you can see for yourself.

Yes, that is an attempt to grow a beard (3 weeks growth and counting). Me! My beard...Not Lil....OK, looks like it was the light after all.

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