Monday, January 09, 2006

You'll have to speak up...!

So. At lunch today (by which I mean eating a sandwich at my desk), I came across the letter with the results of my biopsy (see various posts below), and it turns out it was not an "egina" as I first posted (which, frankly sounds a bit rude anyway) but an "haemangioma" (that took 3 attempts to type) I looked it up on t'internewt and it turns out that what I had is pretty much the same thing as what usually causes a "Strawberry" birthmark. Wierd!

While we're on the medical thing (and hence the title of this post), for years now I've often moaned that the hearing in my right ear is worse than that in my left. After the operation last month I had the ol' "water in the ear" sound for a day or so and when I mentioned this to the quack (OK Surgeon/Consultant) he said it might be some blood from minor internal bleeding during the op and that anyway I should get my ears looked at. I remember Buck-Bader & Gazatron doing this about a year ago, spending a week or two dripping Olive Oil into their ears in order to ease the pain when getting it done at the doc's. Personally, I've been blaming "snare ear", a phrase Al and I came up with while playing in Gravity Hill (later Crashland....and what's this? OMFG! Scroll down to the "Another Cast or Crashland...." bit of the text there and weep! How dare they compare Cast to the best band ever to come from Bristol (or thereabouts))...largely thanks to Chidsy's "hit it hard" philosophy and a completely unwarranted love for his piccolo snare (I blame the Manic Street Preachers for that)! Al developed tinnitus not long after and while I don't think mine is that bad, it's annoying.

So....yes. I'm off to the doctor again (actually just a nurse this time) when I get back from Lyon (which has now developed into: Bristol -> Birmingham -> Lyon -> Paris -> Bristol or something similar and involves trains as well as planes for flips sake).

However, I have also considered "self-medication" using this treatment as an option...anyone got one I can use?

[and no, I don't remember where I found the link to that...]

I have to lie down and think about that whole Cast/Crashland thing!

Oh...afore I forget

And finally....dunno if you remember me being on "Teh Radio 4"
but I just found the transcript [scroll down to the "LEWIS: Okay, well thanks for that e-mail fromRosemary. And let’s move on now to Ben who’s calling us from hismobile. Ben, your question?" and laugh]

It's as bad as I remember!


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