Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sonically Sorted!

Busy, busy, busy at work at the moment...been in Paris earlier this week (much easier trip than Lyon, let me tell you!) and flat out since then as we're ramping up to tell the various countries what we've got in store with regards to Device Management in a week or two....yawn.

So. Unfortunately that means I miss my Lil time this evening as I have to get a presentation sorted...managed by the skin of my teeth to get out of going to London tomorrow. Turned out the meeting was only for 30 minutes!

Oh yeh. I got one of these today. FOTA capable too! Which means nothing to you, but a hell of a lot for me workwise...but...and this is a good "but" (as it were)...It's not only ace looking...great currently playing me 256Kbps MP3 with "Mega Bass"'s proverbial headphone "buds"'s got a 512MB card.


Which means I now have 1GB of tunerama "dans ma poche" as they say in France!

And I got a great Super Furry Animals DVD the other day.

My ears are happy!

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