Monday, April 02, 2012

Le Disney

So. My folks and I took Flo to Disneyland was one of those "let's get this out of the way and never talk of it again" holidays.

Here's a few pictures for your enjoyment. I may add some of dad's once he gets round to getting them off the camera.

Riding an imaginary horse round Exeter airport

On our way to the park for the 1st time (check out that stance!)

Entrance to the park...flosplosion imminent.

Fairy Castle

Doing a "Marylin"

Flo enjoyed screaming on the Pirates of The Carribean ride so much, we went on it twice.

Meth-head in a Teacup.

Tigger. "I didn't like him, he hugged me too tight".

Minnie. "I think she's going to play some sports!"

Mum took Flo to the in-hotel hairdresser...This style definitely suits her more than the bog-standard bob.

Our last night, we went to Wild Bill's Wild West Show (with Mickey & Friends)...Flo has a whale of a time whooping and yeehawing.

Hoeing down!....

...and singing along...

The journey home meant a 6am start and lots of waiting around in Charles de Gaulle.

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