Wednesday, May 30, 2007

At least it's good for the garden!

Finally, I get to say something that really makes me feel old. But, yeah, BAH! to the rain...

This is just a quick post because I promised you some photos last time...and well, I found that cable I was looking here y'are...the only photo I took this week.

My only other news is:

  • Making gradual progress on cleaning up the garden
  • My room is sorted (with nice spartan workspace too)
  • Flo's room is sorted....just need a "reading chair" and some stuff to put on her shelves
  • Work/Store Room is clean and prepped and ready to have crap stuffed in it
  • Lounge....well, let's just say I have a major Media upgrade on the go
  • Dentist.....meh
So with luck, you'll get a post at the weekend with some more Lil....must remember to tell the story of the "dirty protest"...and I'll maybe document the installation of Teh Upgrade.

I am such a geek...

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The rain in **** falls mainly in my old flat!'s pissing through the roof in my old flat and I'm warm and dry.

Tired though and still loads to do to be 100% "home". Lil and I spent the day indoors but with the bigger space this was no problem at all...and she helped me put the megadesk back together (which while I hunted for the right screws became "a house" for "hydinin").

I have also taught her how to check for "fees"...pull up trousers, point at socks and shout FEEEeeeEE!

It seems that round 1 of the deal is done (they have a 14-21 day lifecycle)...My test is two-fold:
1 - Hi Tech : Ultrabright white LED's + 3v battery + bowl of soapy water + coat hanger overnight
2 - Lo Tech : A toddler in a white, all-in-one sleepsuit being chased round the room for 5 mins.

Both tests report zero...for now.

Pics soon (lost a cable somewhere and can't be doing with the faffles network-wise)...

It's wet!

Monday, May 21, 2007


Mostly settled into the new house. Got a few issue with my new workshop (i.e. the cupboard under the stairs) and the living room carpet is a heinous shade of green, but all in all it's wonderful...I have no idea how I survived so long living in shared houses (generally with no gardens) and flats (also usually without gardens).

I'm sure to do some kind of photo tour when I'm fully settled, but for now, here's a few pics of teh Byootifarl Chile!


Jumping on the "Drum"....yeah, I know but it does make a cool kick drum noise

The Dora the Explorer look....I have a hoodie that matches her such a dork

There's room enough to build up to quite a sprint!

Spinning round in the park...

Thursday, May 17, 2007


So. Long time, no apologies, you know the drill.

Long story short, I've been trying to sort out a flat/house move. That's right biotches Guri is teh upgrade! My current flat is a write off thanks to the leak and while I've been living in one room for a week (not fun let me tell you) and sleeping on the sofabed (in sofa mode due to space)....I've also been "coming to an arrangement" with the agency (feckers).

So. Excuse me while I may not blog for a while I have a lot to sort out...

Massive (certainly when compared to my flat) 2 bed house with stripped wooden floors and a beautiful garden, loads of storage space and Flo gets her own room...and only 5 yards from my current abode! FTW!

It could do with a lick of paint here and there to officially meet with Guri approval and I need a few bits and bobs of furniture...and a hoover...and a washing machine...and...and...expensive.

I'll probably not be posting much for a while as I gradually make my way through my project list....but stay tuned for some photos.

Oh yeah, BBQ in me yard baby!

Friday, May 11, 2007

More flood pics...

....don't want to talk about it.

Go here for a few more pictures of the carnage that the fuckers are still saying is "not urgent".

If you feel as aggrieved as I do, please feel free to email them :

Or sign them up for pr0n or whatever....I don't care


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

You might laugh...

...I on the other hand am crying like a little baby.

23:15 I am just snuggled up in bed having had a nice night making Ham & Pea soup, finishing up some work documents and listening to some music from Buck...when...

Woop-Woop-Woop!!!....the fire-alarm does its freak-out then water starts pissing into my flat like I have an incontinent tramp living on my roof...yes, that's right peeps. Neither the roof nor the fire alarm actually got fixed!

Hoo yeah...smoke detector == automatic fire putter-outer Extinguisher

A different view...the foot of my bed is directly under "the flow"...ho ho.

I fucking hate my agents/landlord!

So, having been rudely awakened and wondering how in the name of fuck I'm going to sort this out, go to work tomorrow (I suspect an emergency holiday will be filed), dry the motherfucking flat out so Flo can stay tomorrow (lucky she wasn't here tonight as she should have been...for once work smiled on me there), sleep on the sofa listening to the noisy fridge and the traffic wading through the puddles in the road outside...oh, did I mention the constant sound of waterfalls?

Buggy cover, towels, bucket, tea-towels...buddha....Agh!1!1!!

Smaller yet annoyinger problem above kitchen cupboard (containing food)


Monday, May 07, 2007


I can't quite make up my mind...I'm erring on sad.

Sure, on occasion when I've been looking after Flo I've had a pint or two (think sunny Sunday afternoons in a pub garden (surrounded by 100s of other kids & parents))...but The Hoff is wasted in that clip.

In other news, I seem to have become quite the lothario...FTW!

Flo and I spent this morning Aquadoodling, then ate "sort of lunch" (she just doesn't seem to want to eat in the middle of the day) now she's having a kip. If the rain holds off this afternoon we'll be going to the park for some 'puddle trouble'.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Partook in what we call democracy round here (well, I call it voting...Democracy is a free 'tv' client for the knew that, soh-wee) the other day. Subsequently, nothing changed. But the Greens were only 100 votes away from Lib Dem this time (very good...unless only 102 people voted...must check that).

Anyway. Been busy. Very. Busy. So much so that I can't actually be arsed to type any of it right now. Instead, rest yourself safe in the knowledge that work is work, life is good, Ye Chile is Byootifarl and now also SuprClevar!

Got me a new phone and this time I'm not putting any pictures on the net cos it gets me in trouble!

It is a very very very cool little device though; think 'iPod meets iPaq' + phone. I'll say no more,'s the HTC Elf (**). These photos were taken with it...I'll surely post about it when it is more apropos (meaning: I don't get in trouble).

Supr Clevar Wun and I will be spending Sunday and Monday together too...which leaves me free on Sunday night...for 'a date'!


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