Sunday, May 27, 2007

The rain in **** falls mainly in my old flat!'s pissing through the roof in my old flat and I'm warm and dry.

Tired though and still loads to do to be 100% "home". Lil and I spent the day indoors but with the bigger space this was no problem at all...and she helped me put the megadesk back together (which while I hunted for the right screws became "a house" for "hydinin").

I have also taught her how to check for "fees"...pull up trousers, point at socks and shout FEEEeeeEE!

It seems that round 1 of the deal is done (they have a 14-21 day lifecycle)...My test is two-fold:
1 - Hi Tech : Ultrabright white LED's + 3v battery + bowl of soapy water + coat hanger overnight
2 - Lo Tech : A toddler in a white, all-in-one sleepsuit being chased round the room for 5 mins.

Both tests report zero...for now.

Pics soon (lost a cable somewhere and can't be doing with the faffles network-wise)...

It's wet!

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