Wednesday, May 09, 2007

You might laugh...

...I on the other hand am crying like a little baby.

23:15 I am just snuggled up in bed having had a nice night making Ham & Pea soup, finishing up some work documents and listening to some music from Buck...when...

Woop-Woop-Woop!!!....the fire-alarm does its freak-out then water starts pissing into my flat like I have an incontinent tramp living on my roof...yes, that's right peeps. Neither the roof nor the fire alarm actually got fixed!

Hoo yeah...smoke detector == automatic fire putter-outer Extinguisher

A different view...the foot of my bed is directly under "the flow"...ho ho.

I fucking hate my agents/landlord!

So, having been rudely awakened and wondering how in the name of fuck I'm going to sort this out, go to work tomorrow (I suspect an emergency holiday will be filed), dry the motherfucking flat out so Flo can stay tomorrow (lucky she wasn't here tonight as she should have been...for once work smiled on me there), sleep on the sofa listening to the noisy fridge and the traffic wading through the puddles in the road outside...oh, did I mention the constant sound of waterfalls?

Buggy cover, towels, bucket, tea-towels...buddha....Agh!1!1!!

Smaller yet annoyinger problem above kitchen cupboard (containing food)


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