Saturday, May 05, 2007


Partook in what we call democracy round here (well, I call it voting...Democracy is a free 'tv' client for the knew that, soh-wee) the other day. Subsequently, nothing changed. But the Greens were only 100 votes away from Lib Dem this time (very good...unless only 102 people voted...must check that).

Anyway. Been busy. Very. Busy. So much so that I can't actually be arsed to type any of it right now. Instead, rest yourself safe in the knowledge that work is work, life is good, Ye Chile is Byootifarl and now also SuprClevar!

Got me a new phone and this time I'm not putting any pictures on the net cos it gets me in trouble!

It is a very very very cool little device though; think 'iPod meets iPaq' + phone. I'll say no more,'s the HTC Elf (**). These photos were taken with it...I'll surely post about it when it is more apropos (meaning: I don't get in trouble).

Supr Clevar Wun and I will be spending Sunday and Monday together too...which leaves me free on Sunday night...for 'a date'!


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