Wednesday, May 30, 2007

At least it's good for the garden!

Finally, I get to say something that really makes me feel old. But, yeah, BAH! to the rain...

This is just a quick post because I promised you some photos last time...and well, I found that cable I was looking here y'are...the only photo I took this week.

My only other news is:

  • Making gradual progress on cleaning up the garden
  • My room is sorted (with nice spartan workspace too)
  • Flo's room is sorted....just need a "reading chair" and some stuff to put on her shelves
  • Work/Store Room is clean and prepped and ready to have crap stuffed in it
  • Lounge....well, let's just say I have a major Media upgrade on the go
  • Dentist.....meh
So with luck, you'll get a post at the weekend with some more Lil....must remember to tell the story of the "dirty protest"...and I'll maybe document the installation of Teh Upgrade.

I am such a geek...

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