Thursday, May 17, 2007


So. Long time, no apologies, you know the drill.

Long story short, I've been trying to sort out a flat/house move. That's right biotches Guri is teh upgrade! My current flat is a write off thanks to the leak and while I've been living in one room for a week (not fun let me tell you) and sleeping on the sofabed (in sofa mode due to space)....I've also been "coming to an arrangement" with the agency (feckers).

So. Excuse me while I may not blog for a while I have a lot to sort out...

Massive (certainly when compared to my flat) 2 bed house with stripped wooden floors and a beautiful garden, loads of storage space and Flo gets her own room...and only 5 yards from my current abode! FTW!

It could do with a lick of paint here and there to officially meet with Guri approval and I need a few bits and bobs of furniture...and a hoover...and a washing machine...and...and...expensive.

I'll probably not be posting much for a while as I gradually make my way through my project list....but stay tuned for some photos.

Oh yeah, BBQ in me yard baby!

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