Monday, October 29, 2007

Proper Bo.

Note to self: Clocks!

Art! I especially like the "What is it Flo?"...."Paper"

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Word to yer mother.... impersonation of an impersonation evar! Unfortunately errors preventing me uploading Bucks Craaaiiig Daaavid. Proper Bo'!

Teh Chile asleeps while I contemplate same....cough fading, still snotting like an elephant with a mucous-membrane infection.

Zoo or Muse-Ian tomorrow and then hopefully meet Buckminster-Fulleride for breakfast (lunch). how we eat our pudding, after "laffels an' rice wiv sultanas"

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I have an evil cough....might go home from work at lunchtime...rough....mumble, groan.

Monday, October 22, 2007

OK. Gutsy does not "just work" especially with Broadcom Wifi chipsets. This is annoying, but easily fixable (from experience) , and is only a minor gripe with the "bonobo" machine that is easily made up by the general orson-ness of Ubuntu 7.1, still'n'all nothing's perfect and I'm sure I'll document my grievances here or elsewhere. And besides, I have previously had to use a floppy-drive to load SATA drivers during a Windows install....floppy-drive?! It was only a few years ago and I think it was the last time I used one!!

I'm even thinking of adding the Mac to the Ubuntu loop (either VM or multi-boot)....just need some re-assurance on the wifi front.

Debian (Etch) tried....but failed to win me over. Vista didn't get a look in....Leopard? Meh, I have Tiger and it's, well, OK but now I've played I realise I am in fact limited on the hardware front. Yes this problem exists with Linux. Yes, Mac OS X is (essentially) *nix. But my big ol' box running XP is OK but annoyingly crufty, under Feisty it's pretty good, but with a slightly tweaked Gibbon (way less tweaking than was needed with Feisty) it's pretty much all I want (and for free).

There was about to be a very cute picture of Flo and some fatherly type stuff about now, but I am being failed by Mobile Bill Gates and I must vicariously fulfill my desires for quiz shows.

PS. Never confuse a merkin with a jerkin or your toddler could embarrass you

We varied our usual weekend activities of visiting the Goats and running round the Park with a trip to the Museum on Sunday.

We had to leave the (overly dark) Egypt section because a malfunctioning media display freaked Flo out and caused her to tell anybody she met that day that a "Lion roared at me in Egypt".

We did some drawing too. I'll maybe scan one of them because the spirals and colours are brilliant...


Friday, October 19, 2007

You are a geek when... *could* go out to play on a Friday night but...

  • You have decided to rename all the machines on your network after hominoids. You do not know this word, can phone someone and describe what you mean rather than GTMF! [ cheers bruv*!...sorry I called all apes monkeys ;) ]
  • You now have "bonobo" (laptop, about to get Gutsy), a server running same but server version (having previously been a feisty "fatbox") called "gibbon" a mac called "chimp", a tiny Gumstix machine called "utan" (because it will fucking crush you with orson tiny) and an as yet still bricked Neo1973 (just time constraints, nearly there!) which I will rename "siamang" as soon as I fucking cool are they! The arboreal thing appealed to the mobile thing (yes I know) and the "throat pouch that can be inflated to the size of its head" swung it!
  • Keyboard shortcuts beat mice (except for drawing "freehand" natch)
  • You are writing a How-To called "Restoring Neo1973 GTA01v4 From Scratch with a Debug Board using JTAG on your Ubuntu/Debian system" (subtitle...."trust me and see!")
  • You're thinking of upgrading to a gas soldering iron
    • Because you want to make a new taser and mod the Buddha Machine
    • There are robots to be made for Christmas
  • You understood any of that.
On the other hand it's fucking freezing, I have a cold, I really want my bed and I have (oh noez!!) a ready-meal pizza in the freezer I could eat...
*He's gonna be a doctor don't you know!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Cold...

...I has one. Flo was refusing to let me take photos of her yesterday, so I took advantage of the straps on her booster seat!

Monday, October 15, 2007


I know. I know. It has been a while hasn't it.

I've been busy. Anyway, Flo and I had a wonderful time this weekend and apart from a minor tumble in the park which resulted in Flo in floods of tears claiming she'd broken her leg it was tippity-top! If I ever get my fancy-pants open source linux mobile flashed and running properly you'll see the fruits of my busy-ness here.

Shortly before "breaking" her leg


This was the best picture she'd let me take (shortly before kicking me in the nuts...that'll teach me to lie on the floor)....what you can't see is the ghetto denim skirt, rainbow leg-warmers and kicker boots!

I accidentally recorded in MMS mode (hence 2 videos)....sorry

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Pictures will follow

I had to wait until we reached the tunnel. If I tried to sing anything Flo said "no, daddy"...But I got the most beautiful reward!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
How I wonder what you are
Shining [mumble] sky high
Like a [mumble] shining bright
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
How I wonder what you are

Goats and swings. Sooper-pasta for dinner. A bath and chatting....Coughing.


Thursday, October 04, 2007

I win though....

The following conversation took place today between me and Thomas. I am 33 years old. Thomas is 6.

Me: So, Thomas. Do you prefer Pirates, Robots or Ninjas?
Thomas: Well, I like 'em all. I think Ninjas are coolest though.
Me: Yeah, Ninjas are definitely better than Pirates, but I reckon Robots are best.
Thomas: Well, what about Aliens?
Me: Any specific kind of Alien?
Thomas: [unintelligible kids cartoon reference]
Me: Yeah, see, given that a Robot can theoretically be made stronger than an Alien, a Robot always wins.
Thomas: But, what if I had a million Aliens against one Robot?
Me: Well that's not really fair is it. In that case I would make my Robot a million times bigger, faster and stronger.
Thomas: But...but...What if my Aliens are made of diamond?
Me:, Ninjas then...

It was the most enjoyable conversation I've had all day.

And anyway, I win at the end of the day because a) I'm older, and b) he also claimed to be able to outrun a cheetah.

Yeah, right!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Some or all words are false...

I've been reading a brilliant book about Vivian Stanshal (I shall not call him Viv any longer) and this has led to several recent 'significant thoughts' as I am now wont to call them.

Exhibit A: Dad used to mention now and again when attending gigs that he once 'roadied' for the Bonzos...This was when I had them classed as the urban spaceman band and nothing more...I should maybe point out that all he would ever reveal is that he carried "an amp or a box of some sort up some stairs" in a pub I forget the name of.

Exhibit B: It is female Ricola birthday on Thursday night and I am inexplicably tempted to wear false eyes, somehow re-grow the beard in rapid time and buy some spats.

Exhibit C: Duh, duh, d-duh, de-duh, duh, dan, de-dan, dan....dan!

In other news I have been circuit-bending my Buddha-machine with some success (I found an octave adjusting resistor at least), I've partially put together a taser jacob's ladder experiment (9v -> 10KV FTW!!), solved the streaming media problem and restrung my acoustic guitar. The laptop is sporting a few fancy new Compiz/Beryl features and a slightly modified Clearlooks theme with Tango odds 'n' sods.

Oh, and I bought a tiffin tin and a subscription to my new local punjabi takeaway so I never have to cook again.

I finally overcame my hatred of pets and bought me a dog. He needs to have his injections and shit so no pictures yet....but pretty soon I will be the proud owner of an Belgian Egghound named Raff.

You can google any words you find interesting for yourself.

Monday, October 01, 2007


Me: What would you like to do today Flo?
Flo: Seaside?
Me; Well, how about we have breakfast?
Flo: See Horses?
Me: OK, after breakfast.
Flo: See Cows?
Me: Well, they're still in bed, so maybe later?
Flo (tearing up): Seaside!

We went to visit Granny Jan & Grandad this weekend in Devon. Flo is now obsessed with Seaside, Horses, Cows, Grandad, Granny Jan, Cat and Uncle Joe!

Starting out on our "bencha"

The two trains down are pretty easy, and the new ultra-light buggy is a DOYC-send*

The biggest puddles in the world!

Granny Jan is in fits of giggles. Flo shows no fear of the incoming tide that swamped her wellies....and caused the giggle.

Being a ballerina

Gorgeous sunset

Playing in the horsey field

* Deity Of Your Choice

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