Thursday, October 04, 2007

I win though....

The following conversation took place today between me and Thomas. I am 33 years old. Thomas is 6.

Me: So, Thomas. Do you prefer Pirates, Robots or Ninjas?
Thomas: Well, I like 'em all. I think Ninjas are coolest though.
Me: Yeah, Ninjas are definitely better than Pirates, but I reckon Robots are best.
Thomas: Well, what about Aliens?
Me: Any specific kind of Alien?
Thomas: [unintelligible kids cartoon reference]
Me: Yeah, see, given that a Robot can theoretically be made stronger than an Alien, a Robot always wins.
Thomas: But, what if I had a million Aliens against one Robot?
Me: Well that's not really fair is it. In that case I would make my Robot a million times bigger, faster and stronger.
Thomas: But...but...What if my Aliens are made of diamond?
Me:, Ninjas then...

It was the most enjoyable conversation I've had all day.

And anyway, I win at the end of the day because a) I'm older, and b) he also claimed to be able to outrun a cheetah.

Yeah, right!

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