Friday, October 19, 2007

You are a geek when... *could* go out to play on a Friday night but...

  • You have decided to rename all the machines on your network after hominoids. You do not know this word, can phone someone and describe what you mean rather than GTMF! [ cheers bruv*!...sorry I called all apes monkeys ;) ]
  • You now have "bonobo" (laptop, about to get Gutsy), a server running same but server version (having previously been a feisty "fatbox") called "gibbon" a mac called "chimp", a tiny Gumstix machine called "utan" (because it will fucking crush you with orson tiny) and an as yet still bricked Neo1973 (just time constraints, nearly there!) which I will rename "siamang" as soon as I fucking cool are they! The arboreal thing appealed to the mobile thing (yes I know) and the "throat pouch that can be inflated to the size of its head" swung it!
  • Keyboard shortcuts beat mice (except for drawing "freehand" natch)
  • You are writing a How-To called "Restoring Neo1973 GTA01v4 From Scratch with a Debug Board using JTAG on your Ubuntu/Debian system" (subtitle...."trust me and see!")
  • You're thinking of upgrading to a gas soldering iron
    • Because you want to make a new taser and mod the Buddha Machine
    • There are robots to be made for Christmas
  • You understood any of that.
On the other hand it's fucking freezing, I have a cold, I really want my bed and I have (oh noez!!) a ready-meal pizza in the freezer I could eat...
*He's gonna be a doctor don't you know!

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