Monday, October 15, 2007


I know. I know. It has been a while hasn't it.

I've been busy. Anyway, Flo and I had a wonderful time this weekend and apart from a minor tumble in the park which resulted in Flo in floods of tears claiming she'd broken her leg it was tippity-top! If I ever get my fancy-pants open source linux mobile flashed and running properly you'll see the fruits of my busy-ness here.

Shortly before "breaking" her leg


This was the best picture she'd let me take (shortly before kicking me in the nuts...that'll teach me to lie on the floor)....what you can't see is the ghetto denim skirt, rainbow leg-warmers and kicker boots!

I accidentally recorded in MMS mode (hence 2 videos)....sorry


j said...

rofl @ slide technique!!!

I ahve gastroenteritis. not rofl.

smpit. tuit.

guri / benguri said...

oh noes!

do you have the ring of sting?

and the belly of jelly?

j said...


only then can there be dialogue.

guri / benguri said...

Some Monkeys Prefer Industrial Techno.
The Unicorns, Intelligent Trance.

Only possible answer!

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