Monday, October 22, 2007

OK. Gutsy does not "just work" especially with Broadcom Wifi chipsets. This is annoying, but easily fixable (from experience) , and is only a minor gripe with the "bonobo" machine that is easily made up by the general orson-ness of Ubuntu 7.1, still'n'all nothing's perfect and I'm sure I'll document my grievances here or elsewhere. And besides, I have previously had to use a floppy-drive to load SATA drivers during a Windows install....floppy-drive?! It was only a few years ago and I think it was the last time I used one!!

I'm even thinking of adding the Mac to the Ubuntu loop (either VM or multi-boot)....just need some re-assurance on the wifi front.

Debian (Etch) tried....but failed to win me over. Vista didn't get a look in....Leopard? Meh, I have Tiger and it's, well, OK but now I've played I realise I am in fact limited on the hardware front. Yes this problem exists with Linux. Yes, Mac OS X is (essentially) *nix. But my big ol' box running XP is OK but annoyingly crufty, under Feisty it's pretty good, but with a slightly tweaked Gibbon (way less tweaking than was needed with Feisty) it's pretty much all I want (and for free).

There was about to be a very cute picture of Flo and some fatherly type stuff about now, but I am being failed by Mobile Bill Gates and I must vicariously fulfill my desires for quiz shows.

PS. Never confuse a merkin with a jerkin or your toddler could embarrass you

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tek said...

I moved on to Etch not so long ago, no problems here. I just don't get the Ubuntu craze... maybe I'm just an outdated purist :o(

... or maybe I just don't want a bloated Linux that's trying to be all things Windows *cough* meh! ;o)

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